My friendly note to the Archbishop of Montréal

In light of the Archbishop of Montréal’s decision to aggressively promote the Earth Day protests – by having all the churches in the diocese ring their bells and asking every parish to exhort their faithful to join the protest – I felt compelled to drop him a friendly little note. 🙂 The original French is at the bottom of this message.

Monsignor Christian Lépine
Archbishop of Montréal

Your Grace,

I would like to first express my best wishes as you prepare to inaugurate your pastoral ministry as Archbishop of Montréal. This is a great responsibility. May God bless and guide you!

I read in the news that you supported the demonstrations of Earth Day, notably by sending a letter to all the parishes to encourage the participation of the faithful. I am happy that you have embraced your new role with enthusiasm and leadership. Environmental protection is indeed an important issue that concerns all Christians.

I am confident that you will display the same dedication and leadership by encouraging the participation of your flock in the March for Life, which will take place in Ottawa on May 10. After all, abortion kills more than 20,000 children each year in Québec and more than 100,000 annually across Canada. This should concern us as much as, or more, than the protection of the environment. Indeed, what do we profit in protecting our living space if we do not protect life itself?

You will find all the details of the March for Life at this site:

Please accept, your Grace, the expression of my distinguished sentiments and most sincere prayers.

Original French version:

Monseigneur Christian Lépine
Archevêque de Montréal

Votre Excellence,

Je tiens d’abord à vous communiquer mes meilleurs souhaits alors que vous vous préparez à l’inauguration de votre ministère pastoral comme archevêque de Montréal. Il s’agit d’une grande responsabilité. Que Dieu vous bénisse et vous guide!

J’ai lu dans les médias que vous avez appuyé les démonstrations du Jour de la Terre, notamment en envoyant une lettre à toutes les paroisses afin d’encourager la participation des fidèles. Je suis content que vous avez embrassé votre nouveau rôle avec enthousiasme et leadership. La protection de l’environnement est effectivement un enjeu important qui doit interpeller tous les chrétiens.

J’ai confiance que vous allez manifester ce même dévouement et leadership pour inciter la participation de votre troupeau à la Marche pour la vie, qui se déroulera à Ottawa le 10 mai prochain. Après tout, l’avortement tue plus de 20 000 enfants par année au Québec et plus de 100 000 annuellement à l’échelle du Canada. Ceci doit nous interpeller autant, sinon plus, que la protection de l’environnement. Après tout, à quoi bon protéger notre milieu de vie si on ne protège pas la vie elle-même?

Vous trouverez tous les détails de la Marche pour la vie à ce site:

Veuillez agréer, Excellence, l’expression de mes sentiments distingués et mes plus sincères prières.

One thought on “My friendly note to the Archbishop of Montréal

  1. I appreciate your exhortation to the Archbishop to show as much enthusiasm for March for Life as he has for earth day, however,When we look at the origins of Earth Da and who and what is behind it today, it is something the Church should not support or participate in IN ANY WAY.

    The Church is to encourage proper stewardship of creation at all times, ie: to treat it as something that belongs to God Himself, and is on loan to us for our use. If we make a mess, we clean it up. If we deforest, we replant. We shall not waste resources, but use them judiciously for His purposes, and do our best to make sure that resources are not hoarded by a few and denied to the many.

    Earth Day is nothing more than earth worship. It was inspired by the anti-population movement and those who believe in teh Gaia theory, that earth is a giant living organism, and the progenitor of all life. In other words, a deity. Absolutely NO acknowledgement is given to the god of the Bible the creator, and instead of being about honouring Him by respecting His Creation, it is all about idolizing the creation. the whole green movement is about totalitarian control of all aspects of life, and population control. How can Catholics congregate with such people as the Al Gore/David Suzuki/P/aul Ehrlich/Rachel Carson/Ted turner crowd?
    Going out to theior moronic protests only lends credence to their demands for more giovernment contriol, and plays right into the hands of the UN< Agenda 21, and ultimately George Soros and Maurice Strong. They are no friends of ours.

    We need to set the example ourselves by the way we live 24/7/365, not by "creating awareness" (leftist buzzword) through demonstrations especially when that entails standing with those who would snuff out our church and our rights to our beliefs the moment they saw a chance.

    So i don't believe the Archbishop should have been given any Kudos for encouraging participation in anything with these communists. All that does is increase their numbers and give them credibility.

    In fact, his asking Catholics to link arms with the Greens gives me cause for great concern over the wisdom of this appointment.

    So yes, I appreciate the sentiment expressed that the bells shlould ring on March for Life, but perhaps, it would have been better to have asked the Archbishop to view this: Catholic Investigative agency: Global Warming Unmasked. It exposes the true nature of the environmentalist movement, and leaves no doubt that it is anathema to Catholicism.

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