My Catholic Brethren and the Star Chamber Few

Wrote this poem, sometime back when the whole CHRC-FD fiasco was happening. Thought I might repost it…

My Catholic Brethren and the Star Chamber Few

There is a dark cloud rolling across this once Christian soil,
where the saints and martyrs once preached and toiled.

Do you not know that they came to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ,
to a nation which had not yet known or heard or seen the Light?

They shed their blood and preached the Good News,
but it cost them their lives for there was no freedom of speech to use.

And in our day, we must really wonder,
what are they thinking of us and our bankrupted culture?

So I must ask you my Catholic brethren,
do you even care anymore about this country’s direction?

You come to Mass and smile and say ,
“what a beautiful, lovely and wonderful day”.

“But my hour is up now and I must be going,
there’s much relaxation, comfort, and leisure to be enjoying.”

And when you leave that church on Sunday morn,
do you even know or recognize the hatred against us in this culture of scorn?

For if you did your moral duty and voted correctly,
we would not be in this mess today under yoke of tyrannical Lefties.

For I’ll tell you straight so there is no mistake: your vote for that liberal politician
will cost me my livelihood, my house, and my position.

When you receive Our Eucharistic Lord do you think of my children
who will have to pay dearly for your treacherous sin and poor decision?

Do you not know me? I am sure you do.
Because you wave to me sometimes and say “how do you do?”

I am the guy that comes to 9AM Mass with my wife and four children
to give God the glory, praise and submission.

“What a lovely family”, I sometimes hear you say,
“things surely are looking up for our church today”.

But what will you say when I am no longer there,
forced to sell my house, my possessions, indeed – all that I have –
because the kangaroo koolaid kourts have stripped me bare.

My Catholic Brethren, when the thought police come after me, will you even care?
Now that you have been too accustomed to this world and its snares.

Will you put up any resistance, will you risk anything at all?
Or will it be time to go back to eating popcorn, beer, and watching the game of ball?

And make no mistake so we all know the score to follow,
your inaction and sloth today consigns my children to the gallows tomorrow.

So I say ‘Repent! Repent!’ and let’s put things aright.
For God’s judgement is soon to fall whether you like it or not.

For calling yourself Catholic means diddly squat,
for a Catholic in name only means nothing to God.

“Away from me, away from me, you wicked people of tin,
for I know you not because you did not care enough to resist the man of sin.

Freedom and truth in my Son’s blood I gave to you,
but you chose instead to be ruled by the Star Chamber few

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