5 thoughts on “Must Watch Video: Abortionist Reveals the Racist Nature of Abortion

  1. Just goes to show you this man purposely did what he did. Not only was he racist, he purposely separated the whites from everyone else, knowing their expectation of higher health standards of facilities as well as higher trust in the law and with law enforcement officials. He wasn’t just racist, he was purposely ensuring his clinic would avoid detection. That’s another level of diabolic intention right there.

    Truthfully though, this is only getting the true attention abortion should get because this man violated health codes and had a clinic like something out of the laboratory of the mad scientist who created Frankenstein and was also doing 3rd trimester abortions (more illegal vs. 1st and 2nd trimesters). Do you see prosecutors and police going after those nice clean Planned Parenthood clinics? No! Rather the cops instead go after pro-lifers and Catholics when they do things in front of their properties.

  2. Notice he says, “viable babies” were brought to full term. I understand the attention is and should be on the horrific nature of these murders but it’s worth noting a D.A. refers to the unborn as “viable babies” while all abortionists and pro-abortion people want us to believe these entities are non human, non persons that can be aborted in the USA up to various numbers of weeks and in Canada without any restriction I am aware of at all. “Viable babies” – dude, you called it.

  3. There are striking parallels between what happened to the unwanted in the Third Reich, and what’s happening to the unwanted today in our socially engineered Darwinian Humanist Politically Correct West! Charles Darwin, and his cousin Francis Galton, the father of Eugenics wanted to kill those of the so-called lower races. This is and was scientific racism. What do you suppose our justices will do with Doctor Gosnell, will they give him The Order Of Western Civilization?

    It is the exact same kind of mentality. We don’t respect human life and we dehumanize it and then get rid of the unwanted! We teach Kinsey Sex Education (love without meaning) and murder without guilt (Abortion) by court enforcement and government decree. I call this atheism by establishment.

    The Nazis dehumanized their victims by calling them subhuman, non-human, parasites, animals, objects, and non-persons. The same terminology dominates today’s pro-abortion semanticists.

    Do you understand that the Nazis “technically” did not break the “LAW” in the Holocaust ? Their Supreme Court passed over 400 “LAWS” leading up to the final solution ! Each defendant at Nuremberg invoked the ”LAW” to justify their involvement in the Holocaust. They said they were not responsible, and according to Politically Correct Relativism where all views are equally true and beneficial they did not break any of their laws, but this did not fool our objective Judiciary of that day.

    “WHAT IS LEGAL IS MORAL,” is a frightening slogan used to justify all kinds of atrocities today and throughout history.

    Legality was used to exterminate natives in Australia, Africa, North and South America, India, the killing of Jews and is used for the destruction of the unwanted today. Legality and science was also used to justify slavery and the slave trade.

    The main term used by the pro-abortion propagandist is the term “CHOICE”. The right to choose.
    The main term used by the Nazis to cover up their killing was “SELECTION”. The right to select.
    It was the “doctors and nurses “who were making selections in the Nazis death camps.
    It is the doctors and nurses that are socially engineered through our universities today, in conjunction with pregnant women many of whom are coerced into having their children in their wombs killed , who are making “choices” in the abortion chambers.
    The right to select in the past and the right to choose today represents the “evil” power to destroy those who cannot defend themselves, and deserve our protection not Capital Punishment.

    Today Our Courts and governments are taking it upon themselves to choose who would live and who would die. In a democracy the citizens are responsible for electing traditionalist politicians to our Legislatures, and Parliament where Bills are passed into Law by majority vote. Please wake up from your slumber and get involved in the political process. Evil prospers when good people choose to do nothing, but when they choose to do nothing it doesn’t take rocket science to know what they really are, does it?

  4. Garry, this is a modern day microcausm of the Nazi regime with the gas chambers and the graveyards/piles of dead bodies. Good call.

  5. The communist World allows so-called Catholic and Christian churches administrated by Godless communists, but the real Church is underground and hunted for body parts to sell to the Godless Darwinian Humanist West. The late professor Tom Landers introduced me to these real Chinese Catholics, who would not sit with the Godless Canadian clergy and pew potato’s, because the majority of the so-called Christians of the West go through the motions in church and do very little outside. In a democracy the citizens are responsible for electing traditionalist politicians so they are the majority, pass good Bills into Law, so Godless Darwinian Humanists or Nicolaitans will no longer be the majority. We also have a few good professors and Supreme Court Justices who were very upset when the majority in Parliament and the Supreme court voted to leave a loop hole in Canadian Law where Canadian Children legally were sexually exploited in 2005. These Two Justices publicly said so. Tom Landers and fellow Social Conservatives spent time and money; went door to door with volunteers, and put the names of MP’s and how they voted in newspapers and web-sites in 2008 when the Conservative Age of Consent Bill was brought up in Parliament again. The Bill passed into Law by 3 votes, because the rotters did not show up to vote against it, and as Tom put it the volunteers and social networking opened the floodgates of National help for our cause. Tom and his friends prayed and then sprung into action.
    We must continue to pray and hope the floodgates of National opinion open again to support our cause. We must be Church even though the others want to remain pretending Nicolaitans. Tom recommended this Web-Site and other Social Conservative sites when the popular media either edit out of context or refused to accept my opinions. They seem to have their own agenda. Peace on Earth to men and women of good will. As Tom predicted the floodgates of National and Catholic also all Christian help will open and remain that way for the good of our Western Civilization. We shall see.

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