3 thoughts on “Islamicist Animals Attack Coptic Girl

  1. JMJ

    First, we pray for this poor girl/woman.

    Second, we pray for the Mohammedan pigs that did this to that girl/woman.

    But lastly, we ask why they are called Islammicists, when they appear to be ordinary Mohammedans-in-the-street. There is nothing to indicate that they are foaming-at-the-mouth al Quaida or Taliban or any of those varieties of extremists. We cannot defeat these Mohammedans, we cannot prevent them from taking the US over, if we do not acknowledge that Mohammedanism is, by its nature, an extremist business.

  2. That’s two strikes for lousy reporting today. No. 1 is calling a distinguished professor a “village idiot”. I hold no brief for Melissa Harris-Perry, but to me the village idiot is the one who says, “Don’t do this because I tell you so and I heard some guy in Rome said the same thing.”
    The other is about liberals and say no evil about Muslims. Well, in the US I am a Democrat and if I lived in Canada I would probably vote for the NDP, but I know of no liberal….especially all my Jewish friends, who would have anything good to say about Arabs or Muslims…and I would probably agree with them.
    Let’s be careful out there…

    PS I may not agree with you but I admire your writing. I will be teaching at U of O Victoria Day weekend and ‘d like to meet you.

  3. Bill, anyone who says children belong to the community and “not to the parents” is a village idiot.

    The children belong to the parents – not as ownership – but as the ultimate guardians of their well being. The “community” is only there as a support to the parent or when the parents clearly abuse the children. That’s it.

    People who cannot see that destroying that familial bond will ultimately destroy freedom and civilization are blinded by a darkened intellect.

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