Muslim Canadian Congress Skewers the Ontario Jihad Commission

MCC shocked at OHRC decision
to trumpet Islamist cause

OTTAWA—The Muslim Canadian Congress has welcomed the decision by the Ontario Human Rights Commission not to proceed with complaints filed against Maclean’s magazine related to an article where the Canadian Islamic Congress had alleged that the magazine had violated their human rights.

However, the MCC is disappointed that the OHRC has become the virtual organ of Canada’s Islamist organizations and that it has taken sides in the bitter struggle within Canada’s Muslim community where sharia-supporting Islamists are pitted against liberal and secular Muslims.

In a statement, the President of the MCC, Farzana Hassan said, the OHRC decision had the finger prints of its pro-Islamist commissioners who have close association with the Canadian Islamic Congress. It is not just the commissioners, but we have reason to believe that there are staff on the OHRC that support sharia law and endorse the CIC’s positions. (Read more…)

The Ontario Jihad Commission, otherwise knowns as the Ontario Human Rights Commission, has drawn the ire of the Muslim Canadian Congress. What this shows of course is that the OHRC can no longer be the pimp for “minority rights”.  Instead, the only thing it’s being identified with now is the mouth piece for the Jihadis in Canada.

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