Globe article says Rob Ford must resign even if he’s innocent

By squeaker

By now you’ve all heard about the controversy brewing around Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto. I won’t take any position on whether Rob Ford is a good mayor or even if he’s used crack or not. But I will comment on due process.

The Globe and Mail severely crossed the line on Friday when they published an article by Chris MacDonald, who says that Rob Ford must resign now even if he’s innocent. Why? Basically because the controversy has grown so much that it’s a full-blown crisis.

This is very disturbing from Canada’s biggest national newspaper. Just take a step back and look at what has happened in this whole controversy:

  • First, the leftist media cooked up a story without providing a shred of evidence.
  • They then proceeded to speak of nothing else for two weeks and whipped Toronto into a frenzy, thus manufacturing a crisis
  • They then conclude that since there’s a crisis, Ford must resign even if he’s innocent.

Do you see the paucity of this logic? What’s really happened here is that the media have created their own “recall” system for politicians they don’t like. Just stir up a big controversy and then call on the mayor to resign even if he’s innocent.

The predicament for Rob Ford, of course, is that it’s logically impossible to prove that something doesn’t exist. How can you bring forth evidence to prove the non-existence of something? It can’t be done. That’s why nobody will ever prove that UFOs don’t exist or that leprechauns don’t exist. That’s also why the court system always places the burden of proof on the accuser to prove that a problem does exist.

But the media play by their own rules. This isn’t “guilty until proven innocent”. This is much worse. It’s “guilty regardless of what’s proven”.

It sets a deadly precedent of how low the political discourse can fall in this country. It also reinforces the growing cynicism of many Canadians towards the mainstream media, thus accelerating the move towards alternative sources of information.

And by the way, have you noticed the glaring contradiction between the lefties who want Ford to resign over the alleged drug use, versus the left’s ongoing push to have drugs legalized? If they really think drugs are so harmless, why is it such a big deal if the mayor is using?

Any logical Canadian should tell the media to bring forth the video or shut up. Until then, Canadians should tune-out of the noise until a video appears.

It may require Mayor Ford to initiate a libel suit to get this hysteria under control.

4 thoughts on “Globe article says Rob Ford must resign even if he’s innocent

  1. Whatever you think of the job he has done as mayor, remember this- He made a decision and refused to march in a certain parade 2 years in a row. This supposed story created by the “media”, without any proof to back up the allegations, in my humble opinion, is a result of the fallout from that decision.

  2. Rob Ford has a history of lying, sticking to his lies until proven otherwise, not knowing respecting rules of conduct, and a propensity for confrontation and tribalism. He has been caught vigorously attacking those who question him, only to relent once it’s become clear that his lie will no longer hold. Remember the drunken abuse he heaped upon american tourists at a Maple Leafs game? He was quoted ““I wasn’t even at the game, so someone’s trying to do a real hatchet job on me, let me tell you.” He later admitted he lied. He was caught lying during his election campaign about a previous arrest (refusing to provide a breath sample). The police officer was quoted as saying he smelled of booze, and had a joint in his pocket. He denied it fervently when asked. He later had to admit when confronted by documentation. “Slipped my mind” is what he said. He has actually admitted to being arrested 3 times. There’s the fact that police actually had to respond to an incidence of alleged abuse at his family residence. It’s a bit curious that we almost never see his wife in public. Then there’s his ludicrous behaviour in office. Having TTC buses routed for his football team. Not respecting the rules of conduct for elected officials with respect to a conflict of interest, which almost got him thrown out of office. Let’s see.. getting caught reading while driving, talking on the phone while driving, giving a citizen the finger when being confronted about this. This is not even half the examples of the mess this guy has made. He has alienated almost the entire gay community, which is sizeable in Toronto. When you’re this much of a belligerent lier, and given his history of lying and confrontation, the media have every right to start digging. The fact that it was actually the American media who caught this scandal first tells us something. At this moment he still would rather only talk about things on his own tightly-controlled radio show, which amounts to little other than propaganda. Whether he was smoking crack (unlikely) in that supposed video or not, Rob Ford deserves to be investigated because we just can’t believe anything he says.

  3. I’ll back Lois on this. I still remember how they were doing much the same thing thing to Mel Lastman when he beat socialist Barbara Hall back in the late nineties.
    The leftist media rode him merciless (by the standards of the day) in large part, because he refused to partake in Pride.
    Eventually he gave up and went and made headlines by having waterfights with marchers ‘all in fun” of course.
    The media backed off on him from there on in.
    If i was a gamblin’ man, i’d put money down and say that if Rob ford went to pride this year, all this ‘crisis” would magically disappear… or at least be toned down a few notches.

  4. Sean, you raise some good points. Nobody here is defending Ford as a Saint.

    But I’m sure you can appreciate that most of the items you listed had supporting evidence. The current instance does not. Its beyond belief that the media expects us to believe it without producing the video. At this point, there story is no more credible than the guy in the National Enquirer saying he was abducted by aliens. It doesn’t qualify as journalism.

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