Municipal Elections Are Important For Pro-Life/Pro-Family Voters

Campaign Life has recently released their Municipal Elections Guide for pro-life voters.  Check it out here.  Also, check out Concerned Catholic Parents of Ottawa here.

Most voters pass on voting when municipal elections roll around.  Of the three types of elections (Federal, Provincial, and Municipal), the latter gets the lowest voter turnout, and the first two are already pretty pathetic as it is.

Pro-lifers don’t normally place a high emphasis on municipal elections because Life issues are not a prevalent in this level of government. That’s an unfortunate perception, and here’s why:

1) i elections – precisely because voter turnout is so low – give pro-lifers an amplified voice and influence if we were to turn out in large numbers  (perhaps double of what it would otherwise be).

2) Homosexualists with their appeals to fund “pride” parades and Planned Parenthood’s pro-abortion money is doled out at the municipal level.  Those are two tangible issues that pro-family voters should be concerned about, and there’s a heck of a lot more issues if we start scratching around.

3) Taxes.  Although we don’t normally put this as a top priority, pro-lifers need to wise up and understand that when an anti-family and corrupt government increases taxes, that means they get to pump more money into useless and even anti-life “services”.  That means less money in the pockets of Canadian families which makes it more difficult to insulate ourselves against the culture of death in many ways.  High taxes – because they take away our influence and power – might be one of the greatest destroyers of the Canadian family and the unborn.  This alone should make us buck-up and realize that we need to vote for politicians who promise to keep a lid on taxes.

4) Catholic trustees need to be held accountable.  If you are a parent and you are not pushing your Catholic trustee to return the school system to its Catholic roots, you need to wake up and smell the coffee.  Your kids might very well be in a toxic environment right now.

Socon or Bust endorses Larry O’Brien for mayor of Ottawa – a friend of the unborn and a friend of the taxpayer.

Get out and vote on next Monday October 25, and keep the pro-aborts and homosexualists out of power and out of your wallet.

8 thoughts on “Municipal Elections Are Important For Pro-Life/Pro-Family Voters

  1. In a democracy the citizens can change things for the good of the people if they are willing to do so. If you have no one you can vote for run yourself and convince others why they ought to vote for you. It is good practice and you will learn about what is happening in the politics of your community.

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t think Larry O’Brien has done anything to appeal to me as a Catholic, nor as a pro-life voter.

    Even if I were to agree with the stances you’ve set out (for example, the pride parade) has he indicated that he would do anything to slow that trend down or stop it? That’s too much of a political hot-potato – no self-respecting politician would want to take that on.

    As far as taxes go, if we take the “Catholic” perspective as opposed to the “pro-life” perspective, being a more conservative candidate, Mayor O’Brien has done absolutely nothing to address the Social Justice questions (which, as a part of our faith, we are supposed to care about): environmentalism, transit, social housing, homelessness – O’Brien seems to have turned the opposite way that someone concerned with Social Justice like me would have liked for him to go.

    I DEFINITELY won’t be voting O’Brien this time around.

  3. Larry is much better than Jim Watson. I should know, I ran against Watson in the 2007 Provincial election.

    A faithful pro-life Catholic will vote for Larry O’Brien over Jim Watson on many, many fronts.

  4. What about Mike McGuire? He is against forced bilingualism at the City level. This may mean more jobs for those living in Ottawa

  5. I agree with your endorsement of Larry O’Brien for mayor. But what about the council?

    I live in College Ward. Any suggestions?

  6. I learned from a trusted source that Bruce Poulin is the pro-life candidate in Rideau-Rockcliffe and I will be supporting him.

    I will vote for Megan Crowe for Catholic School Trustee in Zone 10.

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