MSM Missing in Action at the March for Life

Let me get this straight: 5,000 Tamils block a few lanes of Toronto traffic and it’s all over the news. Heck, a mere 50 Tamils demonstrate in front of the American Consulate in Calgary and we hear about it.

But when 12,000 people showed up Thursday on Parliament Hill to demonstrate their support for life from conception to natural death — something that affects us all — it’s not worth a picture? Twenty seconds of airtime? A paragraph at the bottom of Page J20?

You’ve got to wonder how many people have to show up before the annual March for Life is deemed coverage-worthy by the mainstream media. This year’s march broke all attendance records, drawing 4,000 more people than last year. There were at least 10 Catholic bishops in the crowd, another unprecedented showing of support from the men in pointy hats. Overflow crowds packed Protestant and Catholic churches holding pre-march services.

“We can’t cover everything,” editors grumble. Aggrieved ethnic groups cheesed off about something on the other side of the planet? Check. European animal-rights flakes moaning about baby seals in no actual danger of clubbing? Yup. Three cardigan-clad neighbours chained to a poplar they don’t want the city to cut down? We’ll send a camera crew. A good-sized town’s worth of pro-lifers on the grass of Parliament Hill? Move along, folks, nothing to see here….(Source)

Exactly. It’s the same load of bullkaka every year.  And every year, prolifers care less and less about the MSM. We just ignore them like they ignore us.  And in accordance with the law of demographics, sooner or later they’ll all just die off along with their overwhelmining liberalism and we’ll just step into their place.

We could have had 100,000 or 1,000,000 on the Hill and we still wouldn’t have had any meaningful coverage. 

But that’s OK.  The MSM is largely irrelevant now.  Let’s just move on and treat their work with the contempt it so richly deserves.

9 thoughts on “MSM Missing in Action at the March for Life

  1. That’s how I feel more and more. They barely cover the March in Washington, so who cares? As they become more marginal, we don’t their coverage.

  2. I read about it in the Globe and Mail.

    If you blocked traffic like the Tamils, you’d probably get headlines like the Tamils. They didn’t get attention due to their cause, they got it due to their tactics.

  3. A colleague tells me some of his fellow professors call child molestation intergenerational intimacy. A good hearted editor tells me not to use the word sodomy. Most don’t know the word fornication anymore. First we were told to approve of killing unborn babies, then approve in assisting suicide. First we were told to approve of sodomy as a way of life ,then teach it in school to children. Why did things get worse so fast? Before long we must come to our senses.

  4. Yeah but a lot of people are mad at the Tamils, now. And where were they ten years ago, when this might have done them some good.

    I’m sure a lot of people have been turned off to the Tamil cause. Most people have no contact with Tamils, but just about everyone deals with pregnancy. I don’t want to alienate them.

  5. “A colleague tells me some of his fellow professors call child molestation intergenerational intimacy.”


  6. I quit buying their “newspapers” years ago. And of course the TV news is a joke. Everybody knows by now the “news” is managed. Eagles, whales, grizzly bears, spotted owls have more protection in Canada than the innocent child in the womb. See the slaughtered victims of abortion at:

  7. ‘Socons will kill us’ called ‘Garry Sahl’ a liar when he wrote: “A colleague tells me some of his fellow professors call child molestation intergenerational intimacy.”

    Mr. Sahl wrote the truth.

    I think “Socons will kill us” and others will be interested in reading an example of this new way of thinking. The NCBI (a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine & National Institutes of Health) study of intergenerational intimacy at wrote among other things “Further research in North American society and in other cultures would help us to understand more accurately the diversity and possible benefits of intergenerational intimacy.”

    There you go kiddies, just when you thought things couldn’t get worse…

  8. Steve,(or anyone else) what is implied when you say that the “news” is managed?
    What are you basing this on?

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