MSM Losing Influence…Going into Convulsions

One of the great things about the internet is that, besides being an incredible source for information, it has given the power to the people. Let me be more specific. It has taken away much of the power of some people and, instead, given it to many more. I am speaking, of course, about the power of the press. Before the internet age, liberal newsreporters could stifle legitimate news stories that they deemed unworthy. You know the ones I am talking about, I’m sure. It’s the ones you never saw because those particular stories would have made their liberal cousins in power look bad. After all, if it wasn’t for the bloggers, we’d still be hearing Dan Rather blather on about George Bush.

The internet has helped conservatives keep the liberals honest – not an easy task for sure. If one mainstream media outlet won’t pick up the latest liberal boondoggle, then the bloggers will, and the only thing the MSM hates more than a conservative viewpoint is being scooped by a conservative!

So the internet has basically made the press more transparent in “text” media. Conservatives are no longer beholden to that national press to get our news. There are lots of alternative sources on the internet which provide more “fair and balanced” coverage, as Fox News likes to say. In the course of a conversation I had with the Editor of the National Post in 2005, he was surprised to hear that I don’t get the National Post. He was genuinely disturbed when I told him that it was too liberal a paper for me to waste money on.

And with the invention of YouTube, the MSM TV networks around the Western world might as well kiss their dominance in this area goodbye too. The advertising dollars are going where the action is and it ain’t on the BoobTube. It’s YouTube or bust. It’s only a matter of time, therefore, before every Tom, Dick, and Muhammed is going to have their own little TV station to broadcast their views.

Hasta la vista, baby.

But just to give you a little taste on how the MSM is taking their loss of influence on the greater culture, get a load of these comments by Steve Maich in his article in MacLean’s Magazine…

Conspiracy theories, conjecture and outright fabrications masquerade as fact on the Internet, and often, nobody seems to notice the difference. The problem is rooted equally in the nature of humans and the nature of cyberspace. The designers of the Internet put their deepest faith in the wisdom of the masses to establish truth and value by consensus. Google ranks search results based on how many others link to a particular site. is a site organized according to users’ ratings on what’s interesting and what isn’t. And Wikipedia, of course, is based upon the notion that hundreds of thousands of anonymous contributors, all acting as freelance fact checkers, can produce a reliable reference document. Unfortunately, the masses have proven themselves truly unworthy of that trust.

Oh yes. Don’t you love that condescending crap? And, please tell us, Mr. Maich, why you think that 1 hell bent liberal with all of the power of persuasion and control is necessarily better than thousands of people who all have a say? And as for the “truth”, do you even acknowledge such a concept — other than of course that liberals have it and everyone else does not?

But, that’s not all, folks, he continues later on…

In the place of hard information, the Net has ushered in the era of the amateur commentator. Rather than reporting the news, the Internet actually excels at allowing millions to analyze the news of the day on their blogs and message boards. “It is no exaggeration to conclude that the Internet has achieved, and continues to achieve, the most participatory marketplace of mass speech that this country — and indeed the world — has yet seen,” George Will, Newsweek’s revered columnist, wrote a few years back. Sounds spectacular, but what’s the great value of a participatory marketplace of mass speech if so few have anything to say that’s worth buying? (Source)

Funny that. That’s what we peons have been saying about the liberal propaganda and shallow thinking that has dominated the Western press for forty years. At least now, we have a choice. And that is why you’re all hot and bothered, Steve. We have a choice and we are not choosing “professional commentators” like you, Steve. The Evening News with Dan Rather just doesn’t work for us anymore.

These comments by Lorrie Goldstein in the Toronto Sun really hit the nail on the head….

The media are less a window on reality than a stage on which officials and journalists perform self-scripted, self-serving fictions.” Paul Weaver wrote that in a New York Times article called “Selling the Story” more than a dozen years ago. But doesn’t it sound like an accurate summation of almost any news conference today, where the advocates are in favour of, say, universal daycare, same-sex marriage, Kyoto, more social spending or greater “rights” for criminals? Indeed, do you sometimes find it hard to separate the lobbyists from the media at such events?I do. Especially when obvious questions about the claims being made by these advocates are never asked by the media, whom, it appears, either agree with the positions espoused or, worse, seem unaware there could possibly be any other positions. For example, if, as daycare advocates claim, Canadians overwhelmingly favour a national daycare program, why isn’t that reflected in credible polls on the subject? Why do they show that parents want a broad range of child-care options, only one of which is institutional daycare, which is often not even their first, second or third choice?

Why aren’t gay activists ever challenged by the media on their absurd claim that one cannot have an opinion on same-sex marriage other than celebratory approval, without being a bigot? Why don’t the media quiz them about their views on gay marriage with the same aggressiveness they do evangelical Christians?

One reason, as surveys of American journalists have shown, is that reporters tend to be more left-wing than the general population. Another is the destruction of critical thinking caused by what is laughably referred to as our “liberal” education system, which is actually all about learning to internalize a series of rigid, “progressive” liberal orthodoxies, such as support for universal daycare, same sex marriage, “rehabilitating” criminals, etc. (Source)

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