MSM Increasingly Irrelevant Because of Ideological Prohibitions from Reporting the News

Pro-life free speech was suppressed
May 21, 2009

Re: Thousands hit Hill to protest against abortion, May 15.

I attended this year’s pro-life rally on Parliament Hill for the first time. I saw the thousands of people, but I sure didn’t see much media presence.

In the Citizen’s news story, the statement that there has been “snickering” at the Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus’ “secretive” reputation in the mainstream media is really kind of silly.

Every year the pro-life caucus holds a press conference at the same time as the rally. A media advisory and a press release went out to the Ottawa Press Gallery before the conference.

Perhaps if some members of the media could have taken a few minutes out from their laborious duties of their round-the-clock coverage of Larry O’Brien’s trial or Brian Mulroney’s inquiry, they would have had a few minutes left over to cover the Pro-Life Caucus’s press conference and rally.


(Source: Ottawa Citizen)


Media can do better

May 20, 2009

Re: Thousands hit Hill to protest against abortion, May 15.

I brought my three young children to Parliament Hill to participate in the 12th annual March for Life. We stood drenched in the rain listening to excellent speeches and then took part in the peaceful march through downtown Ottawa. I was very pleased to see so many youth by my side standing up for the right of all Canadians to have a chance to live.

However, I was disturbed to see poor media turnout as this event was not covered properly by the media in Ottawa.


(Source: Ottawa Citizen )


We march in solidarity with our unborn brothers, sisters

Corrie Haas says people like herself participate in the annual March for Life on Parliament Hill because they believe that the right to life is foundational of all rights and it must come first.

Re: Want to get noticed? Stop traffic, March 16.

Columnist Don Martin advised the pro-life movement to stop traffic during demonstrations as the Tamil Canadians did to get noticed by the press and MPs.

After a day of demonstrations on Parliament Hill and a walk on Ottawa streets by 12,000 people, he’s right about the “number of questions raised in the Commons or headlines posted in the media about this campaign to save the unborn: Zero.”

Even if we stopped traffic everywhere, the silence in the media would be deafening. It is well known to pro-lifers that there is a powerful deliberate attempt by press, radio and TV, including our taxpayer-supported CBC to withhold information on any abortion-related matters. Whether it is because it is a big yawn to them or whether they have completely bought the pro-choice rhetoric and philosophy, the result is the same: No recognition of at least 50 per cent of the population who believe otherwise.

Source: Ottawa Citizen


Deserved coverage

May 21, 2009

Last Thursday, Parliament Hill was awash with people of all ages – thousands of peaceful, sincere and well behaved Canadian citizens supporting a cause they all very much believed in. It was the National March For Life. Media coverage? Barely a drop of ink.


(Source: Montreal Gazette)

8 thoughts on “MSM Increasingly Irrelevant Because of Ideological Prohibitions from Reporting the News

  1. The media has an agenda and acts as a filter,screening out groups that could damage that point in the publics view. It imposes its values on its audience. Instead of helping people find out what is happening,it is insuring that they don’t. Objectivity is a fallacy.

  2. I stopped reading fishwrappers a loooooong time ago.
    My TV only gets cartoons, weather reports., and old movies.
    I haven’t knowingly bought from McDonald’s, Pepsi, or Nestles’ in ages either.

    I give them my undying unsupport.

  3. right on Jack…people should take more of an interest in the companies, organizations they support through their otherwise vallue-neutral purchases. if they don’t like the liberal, left-wing media (not to mention much of the pointless drivel from reality tv and editorials) drop the cable, the newspapers and many of the other “bread and circuses” that our society conditions us to feel we need but can really lead a more fruitful life without.

  4. Killing unborn children has become really and truly a non-issue for the main stream media. Quiet, peaceful, respectful marches are, in the MSM mind, of no consequence. There is no risk of any laws changing. Imagine being in Germany during WW2 and conducting quiet peaceful protests to try and get the government to stop incinerating Jewish families. Every day, and even during the quiet, respectful protest, the Nazis gas and burn families by the thousands. The protests are of no consequence. What do you do? Do you plan more quiet peaceful protests? You have heard the screams of the families as they are being gassed. You can see the smoke rising from crematoriums. Is it really time for another quiet peaceful march that the press could not care less about? Is it?

  5. It`s a pity that the Toronto Star has a policy of politically correct censorship. This was demonstrated in the case of the May 14 March for Life in Ottawa, the largest annual demonstration in Canada`s national capital.
    The Star, as usual, completely ignored this important popular event which involved 12,300 participants. Yet the Star frequently gives prominent coverage to many much smaller, less significant gatherings.
    The silence of the Star is mute evidence of its ideological bias.

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