MSM Blowover

Today, Americans For Truth is blacking out the front page of its website (you can still read the articles inside) to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the brutal murder of Mary Stachowicz, and to symbolize the media’s double-standard on victims.

Like most media, the Associated Press gave extensive coverage to homosexual victim Matthew Shepard’s case yet ignored the Stachowicz murder by homosexual Nicholas Gutierrez. Mary’s killer injected his own brand of hate into the case by exploiting her strong Catholic faith as a way to reduce his sentence. The jury didn’t buy it: Gutierrez was found guilty of the first degree murder and rape of Mary and could get the death sentence next month.

TAKE ACTION: call the Associated Press and ask why they ignored the Mary Stachowicz case while continuing to devote extensive coverage to the Shepard case. Politely tell them that “gay” victims are not more important than Christian victims–hate is hate–and that there is no logical reason why Shepard’s case deserves any more coverage than Stachowicz’s. National Associated Press:; main number: 212-621-1500. AP Headquarters450 W. 33rd St.New York, NY 10001To contact the Illinois or Chicago Associated Press, click HERE or call 800-572-2585.

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