The rules of MSM engagement

The Washington Times ran a half-page news story on Ezra’s smackdown yestderday, placing it on page A2. Here’s the impressive screen shot: 

Ezra asks:

Talk radio was very interested; I did seven interviews on Monday alone, from Calgary to New Brunswick. They ran big with the story, even though they could not show their audience any of the video footage. So why have TV stations (with the notable exceptions of Michael Coren’s show on CTS, and a forthcoming interview on TVO — both boutique programs) ignored the story? And in terms of newspapers, only the National Post has reported on the story. Many opinion columnists have weighed in on the subject — uniformly supportive, by the way — but there has been almost no reportage. (

C’mon, Ezra. You know why they haven’t run it.  You are a conservative and therefore beneath protection. In fact, they will do everything within their power to smear conservatives and ignore any injustice perpetrated against us…no matter how heinous or outrageous.  That’s why your own publication, The Western Standard, hosted a little competition on media bias, did it not? And I have been maintaining my own little page on that here.   If they are biased in their reporting, it would not be surprising at all to see them completely ignore reporting on something that is so fundamental to their worldview of squashing the politically incorrect.

Consider the fraud perpetrated when the CBC was shocked to learn that not all Canadians approve of the devil exercise of ripping apart unborn children.  When their little FaceBook contest revealed that the majority of Canadians find the Sacrament of Sexual Debauchery, abortion, rather unacceptable, they chose  to keep the wraps on extensive dissemination of that uncomfortable fact.   

In clip #2 of the InTerrorgation, Ezra picks out what Citizen McGovern was trying to do to him in establishing intent.  He said she “was hunting”. Hunting to see if any politically incorrect speech was breached.  And really, that’s what ALL of the media in this country do too.  They are like wild dogs hunting for conservative meat at any costs, even if that cost is ignoring the demolition of the foundation on which their profession was built.  How else can we explain the orgasmic attention they paid to Juliet O’Neil, an ubra-liberal reporter with the Ottawa Citizen, when her freedoms were allegedly encroached upon, yet an almost complete blackout in Ezra’s case? 

Answer: one’s a liberal and one’s not.

In other words, there are two effective laws and sensibilities in this country: one for the liberals and another one for us white conservative (mostly male) niggers.  How long these fools on the Left think this is going to continue is anyone’s guess, but the reality says that it won’t be too long before some pretty nasty things start to happen.

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