5 thoughts on “Msgr Foy’s Letter to Pope Benedict, Asking the Canadian Bishops to Withdraw the Winnipeg Statement

  1. Am re-reading Anne Roche Muggeridge’s « The Desolate City » these days. The Winnipeg Statement is absolutely key to the collapse of Catholicism in Canada; it absolutely has to be withdrawn.

    But riffing off of that: Muggeridge makes the point that the whole opposition to Humanae Vitae was not really about contraception at all–that was merely (pardon the pun) to make the issue “sexy.”

    Primarily opposition to HV was to claim a “right to dissent” and thereby establish the principle of plural Magisteriums (Magesteria?) within the Church, parallel to the bishops.

    The real desire of the revolutionaries was to establish relativism and private interpretation into the Catholic Church, thus taking down the whole idea that truth–any truth–could be taught with any sort of authoritativeness by the Church with one voice.

    Once you establish that, then contraception, homosexuality, divorce–heck, even theft, murder, and cheating on your taxes–become issues where “a thinking Catholic can dissent from non-infallible Church teachings.”

    Anyway, it’s a great read, along with Muggeridge’s «The Gates of Hell.» Someone should really re-publish them.

  2. Reading “The Gates of Hell” confirms the catalyst that led to the shambles Catholicism in Canada has become. In this era we must state what should already be known and obvious; there is one Magesterium only. Scandals abound in this national skewed version of the faith (in some cases, twisted on a local basis to suit the parish priest’s idea of what he wants his church to be). Annulments are handed out like lollipops. Canon Law is trampled over. Souls are put at risk and many lost. Consequences are long overdue for those who have facilitated this state of affairs via their positions of clerical power. We know God sees all and judgement will come, yet a red caped hero sent from the Vatican to straighten out the mess here is the Land of the Winnipeg Statement would be greatly welcomed by the faithful who are fed up with the treatment of the Bride by these who claim to serve her yet oppose her and promote the ones who scatter the flock. Short of such heroic action, we; the laity, must defend the Bride and guard the lambs.

  3. So why do the Popes not answer this scandal? Do they fear the bishops more than God? Why is this allowed to continue, with the resulting destruction of the church. How do we pass on the faith to our children when this hypocrisy continues?

  4. Thanks Mr. Pacheco for bringing Mgr Foy’s letter to light (God bless him) – I thought no one in the Canadian church’s hierarchy even cared about the fallout from the Winnipeg Statement. As Felix Culpa says, it’s more about opening the door to dissent (and rebellion) than about contraception. If it only took 5-6 Canadian bishops (a relatively low number), to request the Holy See for the Winnipeg Statement to be withdrawn, how can we explain the so-called faithful Bishops’ deafening silence – can it boil down to the scourge of ‘human respect’ that the college of bishops hold for one another, at the expense of Truth?

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