Msgr. Foy or Fr. Rosica on Baum: Whom do you trust?

Vox has it over here.

For decades, Msgr. Foy, Canada’s priest hero, has waged a very lonely war against Baum and the liberal ecclesial establishment.

Well, he’s got some reinforcement now in us bloggers and independent news services.

There’s no more free lunch for Baum or his friend Fr. Tom Rosica.  We’re going to fight them tooth and nail right to the end.

I firmly believe – without the slightest doubt whatsoever – that Msgr. Foy has enjoyed a very long life (he must be around 98) to be God’s witness against the liberal elite who control the Canadian Church.  I also have this hope that God will not call Msgr. Foy home until well after the Winnipeg Statement is retracted.  If the phrase “Well done good and faithful servant” means anything, Msgr. Foy’s picture is right beside it.


3 thoughts on “Msgr. Foy or Fr. Rosica on Baum: Whom do you trust?

  1. what a wonderful guest Msgr. Foy would be for Fr. Rosica’s program “Witness” on S&L…compared to Mr. Baum who has been the true witness to the faith? …what agreat man and priest Msgr Foy is..what a challenge he must be to those clerics of the liberal persuasion…I guess thats why he is ignored by the mainstream “Catholic” media

  2. Msgr. Foy is in his 98th year and amazingly celebrated his 72nd year of ordination. Despite having tuberculosis since early adulthood and more recently very serious surgeries, he doggedly pursues the Truth and takes every opportunity to empart it. He is in the mould of John Paul II.

    He fiercely defends “Humanae Vitae” and also condemns the havoc which the so-called ” Winnipeg Statement” has wreaked over the past 44 years. This document repeated the sin of pride and disobedience committed by our first parents.

    On December 5, 1968 Pope Paul VI imparted a special Apostolic Blessing upon Msgr. Foy for his fidelity to the encyclical.

    In my opinion, Msgr. is a living saint who I have had the priviledge of knowing for the past nine years.

    Love, peace and joy of the Most Holy Trinity,
    Tony Liuzzo

  3. Msgr. Foy is a REAL Priest, faithfull to God and his HOLY Church, unlike fr. Ros!

    Too bad we need to put up with the brain damaged hippie priests of the 60’s, until the “biological” solution replaces them.

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