Msgr. Foy knew what was at stake

What Msgr. Foy saw early on was what others, both in the Church and the world, would come to see much later. In uncoupling what God has put together — sexual union and procreation — many other things would eventually come apart: sex and marriage, sex and love, love and marriage, and even marriages and families themselves. Indeed, in embracing the great uncoupling, many Christians separated themselves from the faith altogether and found their ecclesial communities rendered sterile. Msgr. Foy saw what was at stake before many others. After St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI, the Church has re-learned that sexual difference and the call to love illumines both the Trinitarian union and the nuptial dimension of the Church. For all that, he deserves the Church’s thanks. That in his anniversary year the pope of Humanae Vitae, Paul VI, is beatified is likely the greatest gift he will receive.  (Source)

Msgr. Foy was right and the rest of the Canadian Church and society was wrong.  That’s why saying the “electorate is always right” is just plain stupid and dumb.

One thought on “Msgr. Foy knew what was at stake

  1. Don’t you know what the worldview/religion of Secularism has legalized, and then normalized to Canadian and Western schoolchildren, as a human rights?
    Secularism isn’t morally neutral as it dishonestly claims.

    Secularism is not neutral , but legalizes, and then imposes it’s morality and justice on schoolchildren, as a human right. Thus changing the Character of Western Civilization starting with Kindergartners. In 1962 The US Supreme Court declared The Lord’s Prayer unconstitutional, and neutral Secularism Constitutional. All of Western Civilization soon followed suit.The Christianity in Government, Law, and Education that started with Emperor Constantine’s conversion about 307,ended in 1962.

    Now the acceptance of legalized Sodomy, Homosexual Marriage,and Transgender ideology is normalized, by adult schoolteacher’s, and their homosexual activist etc.,friends to innocent, impressionable schoolchildren from Kindergarteners, as a so-called human rights.

    Clubs are now legally formed by adult teachers, and their homosexual activist etc., friends, to recruit schoolchildren. Their argument being some Kindergarteners may be born homosexual ,transgendered etc., naturally, therefore the rest will be nurtured, and recruited in schools to accept homosexuality etc., as normal behavior.

    What do you call a democratic society who elects politicians that pass Bills into Laws, such as these? between 2005-2008 righteous citizens united politically to force Parliament to pass a Bill into Law, to change rotten 2005 Supreme Court of Canada ,and Government Law that allowed Sexual Predator’s and Pedophiles to legally exploit consenting Canadian 14 year old’s, as so-called human rights. In 2008 Parliament caved from citizens pressure and passed a Bill into Law overturning Legislated Government, and Supreme Court Of Canada Evil. How soon they forget. Jesus knows who are doing His work in our democracies. Masqueraders exposed.

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