Mr. Speaker

Mr. Speaker, my question is for the Justice Minister. One of his staff, Dean Steacy of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, has admitted under oath that, as part of his job, he joined a neo-Nazi website called the “Stormfront”, and posted racist remarks there. Can the Minister please explain why taxpayers’ dollars are paying someone in his department to join neo-Nazi groups to spread bigotry?Mr. Speaker, can the Minister tell us: was this a rogue act by a single hate-monger who infiltrated the human rights commission? Or did others at the commission approve of this race-baiting strategy, too? Did the minister himself know? Or did he turn a blind eye to state-sponsored bigotry in his own department?  

Mr. Speaker, given the confession of the Minister’s employee, Dean Steacy, that the CHRC plants racist evidence that the CHRC then uses to investigate and convict others, and given the proof that the CHRC’s most prolific complainant has planted racist, sexist remarks, will the Minister launch an independent review of all so-called “hate message” cases that the CHRC has ever conducted to see if they were all corrupted by planted evidence? (Ezra

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