Mr. Prime Minister, Wake Up

A comment from the online petition against the HRCs….

I want MPs to move and vote on Keith Martins Resolution. I’m am disgusted by the lack of support of Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn BY MY OWN PARTY. I call on Barry Devolin, my MP and the Minister of Justice and my own favourite PM speaking truth Steven Harper, I’ve been with you for very many years, don’t let me/us down. PM Harper, you haven’t liked Human Rights Commissions for a long time. You were right. COME OUT and SAY SO. NOW!!!Many of us, your loyal supporters are mad at you for no…

If the government of Canada is going to risk Canadian lives in defending freedom in Afghanistan against the fascist thugs who seek to repress democratic ideals, why is it so difficult to apply some of that same resolve RIGHT HERE AT HOME against the Human Rights Commissions, Canada’s “Free Speech Taliban”?

I find it rather insulting that the government Canada is committed to fighting for freedom outside of our borders, but not willing to protect that same freedom within it. Get your priorities straight, sir.

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