MPP accuses premier of hiding sex-ed details

From Campaign Life….

We’re pleased to report an important development in the fight against the Ontario Liberal government’s resurrected sex ed curriculum.

An MPP in the Progressive Conservative caucus has finally broken silence over the Liberal sex ed plans, and criticized the lack of transparency about the new content.

MPP Monte McNaughton grilled Kathleen Wynne during question period yesterday, asking her point blank: “Premier – what are you trying to hide”?  Watch video of that exchange on our webpage here.

Later that evening, CLC spokesperson Jack Fonseca discussed the type of explicit content that was included in the 2010 version, plus more reasons why parents need to be concerned.  Watch that TV interview on the same webpage.

The only leadership candidate that has the courage to stand up to the Premier. Based on Wynne’s reaction, he hit a nerve
Monte’s website and Facebook page.

One thought on “MPP accuses premier of hiding sex-ed details

  1. A group of young women protested in Saint Peter’s Square,against The Catholic Church’s stand against the normalization of Abortion and Sodomy.This Secularization of Former Christian Democracies in Government,Law and Education started in 1962,when The School Lord’s Prayer was politically and legally declared unconstitutional.The New “neutral” Secular Paganism was introduced as a better State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion.The majority of Western Civilization Politically and Legally fell for this Diabolical lie!

    Abortion and Sodomy are legalized by a so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Democratic Western Civilization ,as Politically Correct ideology.These Politically and Legally decided acts become so-called human rights normalized to innocent,impressionable schoolchildren,by adult so-called “neutral” Secular school teachers,and homosexual etc.,activists as Secular human rights.Be careful what you Politically get talked into legalizing in our Secular Democracies! What kind of a Christian Priesthood does not organize against Canadian and Western Democratic indoctrination of school children in the tenets of Secular Paganism?

    Canada and Western Civilization has returned to The worldviews of Pagan Rome and Pagan Greece. Righteous Catholics converted Roman Emperor Constantine to Christianity about the year 307. What hinders Catholics from doing the same in our Secular Pagan Democratic Western Civilization today? These young women protesting in Saint Peter’s Square are behaving against Christianity, as The Secular Pagan so-called “neutral” Sex Education has taught them as normal behavior from Kindergarten to University Graduation,as so-called neutral human rights.

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