Mozilla still feeling the heat for being The Gay Lobby’s Bitch

Most vexing of all is Mozilla’s attempt to present this forced resignation as if it is consistent with an embrace of diversity and openness. Its public statements have been an embarrassment of illogic, as I suspect the authors of those statements well know.  (Source)

Not all liberals, apparently, agree with the Jackboot.

2 thoughts on “Mozilla still feeling the heat for being The Gay Lobby’s Bitch

  1. Get off your hobby horse, Paycheck. Some rich guy was fired or asked to quit some cushy job in California because of the way he voted in a long-past election. With all the poverty, hunger, and violence in the world, we can’t be wasting our time on trivia. It is also making it more difficult to get your site on my computer.

  2. Bill, c’mon. If you do not concede that persecuting Christians and conservatives is a real problem these days, then you have a problem with reality. The examples are growing and multiplying. The very sad thing is that as Christianity diminishes, the things that you like to believe are the important things like poverty, hunger and violence will exponentially increase. The Catholic Church and the rest of Christianity is the number one force in fighting these things. It dwarfs all other secular efforts COMBINED. Yet, you seem to be completely oblivious to this fact. If you REALLY care about these things, you should be also fighting to ensure that Christians are not persecuted. If we have to fight for our right to exist, we can’t be fighting for those things that you think are important and which we are common allies. Wake up.

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