2 thoughts on “Mozilla Logs Its Single Worst Day of Feedback Ever

  1. Can this be a turnaround – that finally the silent majority is waking up and fighting back the gaystapo & left-wing totalitarianism so entrenched in our society?

  2. Helene, Professor Tom Landers and concerned friends proved that democratic voters can be led to change rotten Parliamentary and Supreme Court Of Canada law of 2005, by pressuring the MP’s they elected to rule over them, to pass another Bill into law to change legal sexual exploitation of Canadian youth. This was accomplished in 2008, as an example to what democratic citizens can and ought to do today. This is what righteous democratic voters ought to keep on doing; if they don’t want their children indoctrinated in schools to accept morbid behavior as normal. It took him and his friends Real Women etc.,over two years and insults of every kind to accomplish this. The so-called silent majority is in a mental fog and it’s getting thicker. The people who’s industries make multiplied Billions in insuring children are indoctrinated in schools into believing malignant acts are normal, as so-called legal human rights have an endless supply of advertising cash.The Media Moguls etc.,therefore love to do whatsoever they wish.

    It takes a lot of time and money to convince indifferent people to vote virtuously. Apathy and indifference has collapsed many civilizations throughout History. The voters of democratic Canada and Western Civilization are now going down the same road. Can this be a turnaround? I hope so.

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