Morgentaler to Receive Order of Canada

TORONTO, June 28 /CNW/ – It has come to the attention of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) that the Governor General intends to bestow the Order of Canada on abortionist Henry Morgentaler on July 1st.”It is dreadful that this honour should even be considered for a man who’s only claim to fame is that he is a professional killer of defenseless babies in their mothers’ wombs,” said Jim Hughes, National President of
Campaign Life Coalition. “Those who have received this prestigious medal should return it because it will have been devalued and disgraced,” he continued.”If Morgentaler had any integrity he would refuse the medal”, said Mary Ellen Douglas, National Organizer of CLC. “This presentation should be given to people who have made Canada a better place to live and the elimination of thousands of human beings who would have contributed to the future of Canada is a disgrace not an honour.”Campaign Life Coalition calls on the Federal Government to address the Governor General stating the inappropriateness of this action. Concerned people should contact the Governor General’s office and express their disgust.

Everything wicked is always done in the darkness.  I see the weasels who put this through are doing it before there can be any discussion about it, before a long weekend.  How typical.

But I can’t believe how stupid the pro-aborts are. There are many people who are not pro-life, but do not think it’s a particularly good idea to award such a controversial figure the Order of Canada, which is supposed to be an award bestowed on a person that the vast majority of Canadians can support.  It just goes to show that the Order of Canada has become a dumping ground for every socialist and their pet cause. It’s hardly something that decent Canadians put any value on anymore.  This decision basically cements this perception.

If this is true, I am particularly incensed by the Governor General, Michaëlle Jean. She had the audacity to show her face at last week’s International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec City which was all about the gift Jesus’ life to the world.  There were probably more pro-lifers gathered there than at any other time in the past 25 years.  And now on Tues. July 1 – Canada Day no less – she is going to award the nation’s highest civilian honour to a butcher who has killed tens of thousands of unborn Canadian babies.

I’m sure the “Conservative” Government will do nothing about it, either. They’ll claim that such decisions, like the CHRC fatwas, are not made by the government but by an “independent” group.

Still, like what happened with Robert Mugabe and his knighthood, the Order of Canada can be rescinded too.

One day, it will be.   You can count on it.

E-mail the Governor General’s Office at or call (613) 993-8200 or toll-free at 1 800 465-6890 to express your outrage.

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4 thoughts on “Morgentaler to Receive Order of Canada

  1. Outrageous. is anything going to be done? it could be done and very quickly if people put their hearts and souls into it and sood on the line of principle and everything related to decency. Its only Saturday today. Monday is another day. And so is Canada day. Its not too late to organize a protest.

  2. Disgraceful is a very mild word to assign to such an atrocity! This is a good day to discuss the question :what has become of Canada? Have we given up on God completely when we are so determined to honor the enemies of His Word? Is this the type of human being in our midst on which we want to bestow one of the Nation’s highest honors? “O Canada” now sounds to me like a lament rather than a cry of exaltation.
    I really believe we can do better as a people and as an example to the world.
    Governor General, SHAME! Do stand up for what is right and not politically expedient; that is the responsibility of your position.

  3. I think Canada is the best place to live, but I also think we have a higher responsibility as Canadians to enable others to live and to live in peace and freedom in Canada and in the world.
    Our military works hard to protect all Canadians, so why are we supporting those who work to enable harm to come to the most vulnerable people in our society? We have now a veiled form of terrorism right in our own country, we don’t have to look to any outside groups or concerns. I would think this kind of award should scream out as a serious red flag to all who truly believe in freedom, liberty and true justice and this is just a tip of the iceberg as a concern for our national security and the future of our great nation. Why send people to Afghanistan if we won’t even protect our own children and women from harm?
    We have a very charming and well spoken Governor General who wants to do many things for children and Canadians, but I would have hoped she would see the need to support the gift of life and protection of the most vulnerable as closely linked to the protection of our children and citizens of our country. Where is the sober second thought on this action? Where is our Commander in Chief?
    I certainly hope that this award can be rescinded as it embarasses so many Canadians and dishonours the Order of Canada award. How did we ever get to this point? What a SHAME!

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