Morgentaler’s Media Can’t Handle The Truth; Pulls the Polls.


I see that the MSM has pulled all the Internet Polls they were conducting on the elevation of Henry Morgue-entaler to the Order of Canada.  I suppose that the avalanche of  “No to Morgentaler” got too much for them to bear.

That’s why liberal reporters and the media are held in such contempt in this country.  And rightly so.

As the fallout continues, we’ll continue to hear Henry Morgentaler’s Media Apparatik keep telling us that they’re so surprised that there has not been any opposition to his debasement of the Order of Canada.

What fools they’re making themselves into.  Keep going, guys. 

Every little bit of rank hypocrisy and bias only helps us see even more clearly what you are: shameless shills for the abortion lobby.

One thought on “Morgentaler’s Media Can’t Handle The Truth; Pulls the Polls.

  1. Dr.Bernard Nathenson proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that unborn babies are living human beings, and killing them is wrong.

    These are Hitler’s words that are inscribed over one of the gas ovens in Auschwitz, ” I want to raise a generation of young people devoid of a conscience, imperious, relentless and cruel.” Hitler’s worldview was that the killing of the weak is good for the survival of the strong and nature intended it thus. Institutionalized atheism creates a society devoid of conscience.

    Looking at the polls as to the question should Henri Morgentaler be awarded The Order Of Canada, most people said no. This seems to indicate that our education establishments , courts, Human Rights Commissons and media have not Socially Engineered all Canadians yet.

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