Morgentaler’s Abortuary On The Ropes

It appears the abortionist working at the abortion clinic at 65 Bank St. in Ottawa, Krzysztof Janusz Fabisiak (CPSO#: 62857), has been disciplined by the CPSO for the following reasons :

“Allegations of Dr. Fabisiak’s professional misconduct and incompetence have been referred to the Discipline Committee of the College. It is alleged that Dr. Fabisiak failed to maintain the standard of practice of the profession and is incompetent in his care and treatment of Patient “A”, Patient “B” and 23 patients. ” Read the rest here.

A little bird has told me that abortions are way down at Morgentaler’s clinic, no doubt because of (surprise!) the abortionist failing to meet basic standards of “practice” (if you want to call it that).  These kinds of citations against abortionists, of course, are par for the course.  

The little band of faithful prayer warriors and sidewalk counsellors have been outside of the abortuary regularly since last November.  They have been maintaining a faithful vigil ever since.

If you are a believer, then believe that God is really moving.  If you’re not, just think of it as good Karma.  What goes around comes around.

By the way, 40 Days for Life is starting up again this Fall in Ottawa outside of the same abortuary.    It could be the last nail in the coffin in Canada’s most notorious abortuary.  And if Henry’s flagship goes down, the psychological damage to the pro-abort establishment will be significant. 

It could be the canary in the coal mine.

2 thoughts on “Morgentaler’s Abortuary On The Ropes

  1. Where else do they do abortions in Ottawa? there must be hospital abortions and quite a few. Losing one clinic will rattle some people, but there are plenty of other places to obtain an abortion. Stats Canada don’t show a decrease in the numbers.

  2. The safe and rare crowd are feeling all warm and fuzzy now that the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons has found that the only medical thing an incompetent MD is allowed to do is butcher the children.

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