Morgentaler to receive his “award” this Friday

QUEBEC CITY, October 8, 2008 ( – has learned that abortionist Henry Morgentaler will be awarded the Order of Canada on Friday at 10am in Quebec City.  Official announcement is planned only for Thursday late afternoon. broke the story on Morgentaler’s nomination to the Order of Canada two days prior to the official proclamation, launching a media frenzy.  The news service has since published over 70 news articles on the subject.

Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) the political arm of the pro-life movement has led the public outcry against the nomination with a petition of over 30,000 Canadians, commissioning the largest poll in the country on the subject (finding 56% opposed), and polling all Members of Parliament (finding over 100 MPs publicly in opposition).

A National Disgrace for Canada.

But God can  still turn this thing around and use it to bring about conversions.

Where ever you are on Friday, pray and fast.

For those who can, fast on bread and water only.

2 thoughts on “Morgentaler to receive his “award” this Friday

  1. As murderers go, Morgentaler is something different – a Columbus of Murderers, if you will. Morgentaler declared war on a population which had never raised a finger against any other group – unborn babies. And with the avid support of the feminist lobby, Morgentaler became a “hero”. And now, thanks to a history of national spinelessness, the Canadian government is awarding Morgentaler Canada’s highest honour. POSITIVELY DISGUSTING!

    On the OTHER hand, the Order of Canada, we learned during Jean Chretien’s years, is awarded to EVERY former prime minister. “It’s da tradition!” Well, not every Canadian PM served the country well and deserves the Order of Canada. But since “tradition” overrides horse sense in the Demented Dominion, the value of the Order of Canada was compromised a long time ago. In other words, Canada debased its own “highest honour” so that – today – that “highest honour” is quite meaningless.

    Let’s face it. Receiving a Canadian “stamp of approval” is HARDLY a credential in ANY arena – even according to Canadians. For ANYTHING “Canadian” to be valued by Canadians, it MUST have received praise from some CREDIBLE source, such as the USA or certain European jurisdictions.

    This is what keeps Canada and Canadians firmly among the ranks of the second-rate and the also-rans – where they belong. That Henry Morgentaler received “Canada’s highest award” is PROOF of that.

  2. Are Canadians really surprised at this? Henry Morgentaler, Canada’s own legalised mass murderer is fast become a folk hero to the left, in the most perverse way of course. I find it ironic, that as an immigrant to this country, Canada takes in up to 250,000 immigrants every year (not including refugees) because we cannot sustain our population. Yet we murder over 1000,000 unborn Canadian children every year because they are viewed as little more than a social inconvenience. Mother Theresa once said:

    “Any nation that murders its own children has lost its soul”

    Not only has Canada lost its soul, but Morganteler the Mass Murderer and his supporters will find their place in the lake of fire for an eternity.

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