Morgentaler Responsible for Much Pain & Suffering

… Here’s where the statistic I mentioned above about Poland gets interesting. While the Polish XPT rate has dropped by 21% between 1980-2006, the U.S. preterm birth rate has escalated by 44%. The reason for Poland’s “preemie miracle” can be found in the induced abortion rates for the corresponding years. In 1989 Poland instituted a very restrictive abortion law. In the next four years induced abortion rates went down by 98% per 100 live births. Opponents of the law predicted a health disaster. But not only did the preterm rate decrease, maternal mortality also declined by 41% according to studies reflecting rates from 1995-97, while infant mortality decreased by 25%. You can check out the uncontested research link between “prior first trimester induced abortion” as an “immutable medical risk factor associated with preterm birth” here.

Let me be clear: I am not advocating a repeal of the right to abortion for Canadian women. I am, however, advocating for stricter “informed consent” laws around abortion. Dr Henry Morgentaler is the reason most women in Canada believe that abortion is a risk-free intervention. You will not see XPT birth listed as an elevated risk for a future pregnancy on pro-choice websites or on the consent forms at any Morgentaler clinic nor, to my knowledge, at any other abortion clinic. Indeed, as became clear when, as I reported in a previous column, I sent a “sleuth” to a Morgentaler clinic posing as a woman contemplating an abortion, she was told by a doctor there in no uncertain term: “One, two, three abortions, there are no risks [for future pregnancies].”

If women knew about these and other risks of induced abortion, the only surgical intervention that is routinely performed on women without having been performed first in animal studies, at the very least the rate of multiple abortions would decrease. The benefit to our health care system is obvious: fewer future high-risk pregnancies would immediately reduce pregnancy-related costs and high-tech, labour-intensive care in neo-natal units, not to mention the dramatic decrease in the high lifetime burden of care associated with the stricken children. The emotional costs to the parents of these children are of course incalculable, and any information that would lead to fewer such tragedies should be an outcome all Canadians, including the most fervently pro-choice amongst us, should welcome.

And so, as Dr Morgentaler receives his Order of Canada today, let us reflect on the irony of life. We so often hear the phrase “rush to judgment” when we speak of people charged with a crime they may not have committed. We should also be careful of the “rush to honour” those whose legacy may embarrass us. And here in Quebec City today is, verily, a case in point of a rush to honour I believe will one day prove a cautionary tale for the Order of Canada committee.  (Source)

When it’s all said and done and everything comes out, the whole scam of a “woman’s right to reproductive health” will be shown to be nothing but a cover for sexual imperialism and anarchy.

Morgentaler has a nice medal pinned to his jacket right now.  Now that the Order of Canada is associated with such an ominous figure in Canadian history, no doubt it will be worth as much as the stocks in the investment banks.

2 thoughts on “Morgentaler Responsible for Much Pain & Suffering

  1. Frankly, this has completely destroyed what “honour” was left in the Order of Canada. Similarly, it has become harder over the years to feel “proudly Canadian” because of the many dishonourable politicians that litter the Canadian landscape like meadow muffins.

  2. Awarding of Order of Canada to Dr. Henry Morgentaler proved that Canadian experiment with secular state has failed miserably.

    It has shown that religion underpinning of political life does not tolerate vacuum same way politics does not tolerate political vacuum.

    Void that was created by Judeo-Christians pulling out of political life was quickly filled in by religious outcasts.

    It turned out those who believe that in the Bible and have committed mortal sins of; abortion (murder of the innocent), and sodomy have no faith in God’s forgiveness. It turned out that people who sinned against their God and their Religion found their comfort in rejecting God and denying his existence. It turned out that people who sinned and subsequently rejected God and their own Religion went ahead and built their own churches on East side of Eden in the land of Nod that God according to Scriptures ceded to Kain after he killed his bother. It turned out that in their efforts to build their churches they are using any contorted beliefs and twisted legislative statues that they can find in that barren land.

    While Judeo-Christians walked away from political table religious outcasts have turned their “Church of Secularism, Abortion and Sexual Deviancy” into a state religion.

    While Judeo-Christians refrained from participation in political life of the nation religious outcasts selected Dr. Henry Morgentaler (greatest mass murderer that they could find in Canada) and bestowed him with the Order of Canada in an attempt to rub in our faces their political victory and to silence voice of ours and their own conscience.

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