Morgentaler Might Not Receive Order

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There is now some question whether the Governor General, Michaëlle Jean, will be awarding the Order of Canada to notorious mass murderer and abortionist, Henry Morgentaler.

Apparently over the course of the last two days, her office along with the office of the Chief Justice, Beverly McLachlin, has been flooded with phone calls objecting to Morgentaler’s award.

In addition, an announcement to award Morgentaler the Order of Canada was supposed to be made yesterday (Mon. June 30) at 2pm, but was not.  This appears to indicate that there is now some hesitation whether it is prudent to award him the Order of Canada.  Their hesitation is no doubt a result of the massive pressure over the past couple of days.

 It is obvious that this attempt at an underground and secretive award has not worked, and now they are hesitant at giving him the award because of the massive outcry. It is very unusual that no announcement has been forthcoming, just like it was unusual that his selection was not by unanimous vote. 

They sent up a trial balloon and it has been popped.

But the battle is not yet over and Morgentaler could still be awarded the Order of Canada.

For those of you who can make it, 4MYCANADA is organizing a group of people to place themselves in strategic places with pro-life signs on Parliament Hill where the Governor General will be present.  We may even be fortunate to line the path where she will be shaking hands with people. This will give us an opportunity to politely but firmly communicate to her our displeasure and rejection of what she is intending to do.

Please read the instructions below.

Although it is late, if you get this email before 11AM, please consider coming out anyway.

We need as many people – and particularly families – to come out and show her that Canadians do not approve of awarding the Order of Canada to a man who has made millions in exploiting women and murdering unborn babies.  We need your help now more than ever. If you are able to make it, please come out and show your support.  If we are successful in thwarting this award to Morgentaler, it will be a huge victory and will serve as a launching point to reverse the scourge of abortion in Canada.

Please pray for our success and God Bless You.


John Pacheco
Social Conservatives United


There are days that you will tell your children and grandchildren about, tomorrow may be one of them – especially if you are on-site in Ottawa.

As you know, we have been tracking the nomination of Henry Morgentaler for the Order of Canada quite closely. Thank you so much to all of you who have called, e-mailed and faxed. The lines were jammed all day today in the Governor General’s and the Advisory Council offices and they are hearing a clear sound. However, the final outcome of all this still remains unknown. WE NEED TO CONTINUE TO RAISE OUR VOICE IN EFFECTIVE WAYS RIGHT NOW (literally).

Tomorrow around noon (12pm) on Parliament Hill the Governor General and the Prime Minister of Canada will address Canadians at the Canada Day Celebrations. They will be dropped off at the Centenial Flame (as is the protocol) and walk up the long walk way to the Peace Tower. During this walk they will shake the hands of dozens, maybe hundreds, of Canadians. If you are in Ottawa tomorrow, or can get there, YOUR HAND NEEDS TO BE ONE OF THE HANDS THE GOVERNOR GENERAL SHAKES, and, you need to politely ask her NOT to grant the Order of Canada to Henry Morgentaler.


We are asking any of you who are in Ottawa, or can get here, to be at the Peace Tower by 9:30am (we are told the lawn will likely be full of people as early as 10-10:30 am). We want to line the FRONT of the ropes and be the ones that will have the highest chance of shaking her hand. We will also have signs that will (nicely) implore her not to give this award to Morgentaler.

HOW TO FIND US: Look for the young people with Canada umbrella hats on (red and white).

OTHER DIRECTIONS: If you have blank poster board, bring it!

This man is not a hero. We long to be a nation that honours life, not death.

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  1. “Morgentaler Might Not Receive Order”

    You were saying?

    As to why this occurred under a Tory government? Well, only Nixon could go to China.

  2. Absolutely unbelivable that a abortionist such as this atheist could be considered for any horor. horror is the only apprpriate response

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