More Violence from the Religion of “Piece”

ROCKFORD, Illinois, December 6, 2010 ( – A man accompanying a woman into the notorious Rockford abortion mill on December 3 threatened to shoot pro-life sidewalk counselors, according to witnesses.

Rockford pro-life veteran Kevin Rilott told LifeSiteNews that the incident happened on Friday, when a group of five abortion supporters from the Chicago area showed up at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center. They stood at the driveway to the abortion facility shouting at mothers not to talk with pro-life sidewalk counselors.

One thought on “More Violence from the Religion of “Piece”

  1. A very sad commentary on our Godless Western Civilization now, but prayer and action can change bad Supreme Court and Parliament passed Law. In 2005 the age of sex consent was 14 by decree in Canada. 14 year old’s were being exploited by Government and Supreme Court decree. In 2008 when the age of consent was reintroduced we shamed Parliament through reasoned debate using verifiable evidence, we defeated harmful ideas of bad Supreme Court judgment and Parliamentary legislation to raise the age of sex consent. This is good will in action. This website also listed the names of MP’s and Supreme Court Justices who voted to keep the age of sex consent 14 in 2005. People who do willful evil ought to be exposed with reasoned debate and verifiable evidence. We do have some good MP’s who can convince the others, but we need our citizens to keep involved as a way of life.

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