More than just a misunderstanding

I received two e-mails recently from our priest-prophet-hero, Msgr. Vincent Foy. In the e-mail out to his friends, he has mentioned that his medical condition has been steadily improving.  He tells us that “he is able to get up out of bed, to walk with the aid of a walker, and to sit in a chair”.   Obviously God has seen fit to keep this holy priest in our midst for some time longer — until his mission against the Winnipeg Statement is through.   I don’t think that it is a coincidence that he is here to witness to the fruit of the Winnipeg Statement, over 40 years after its issuance, when the Canadian bishops meet next Monday at their plenary assembly in Cornwall to deal with what the Winnipeg Statement has wrought.
Here is also a personal e-mail which I received from Msgr. Foy yesterday and which he asked me to publish, as a friendly reminder and encouragement to never, ever give up this fight:
Dear John,
Many many thanks for your magnificent work in urging our Bishops to the still necessary withdrawal of the Winnipeg Statement.  Repentance and rescindence of this statement is an absolutely necessary step in the restoration of the Church in Canada.
Deitrich Von Hildebrand, called by Pope Pius XII “a twentieth century doctor of the Church”, said:
It is not only necessary to affirm the truth, but error must be repudiated.

Please continue in your very important dedication to and for the Faith.

Abundant blessings, Yours in Our Lord,
Msgr. Vincent Foy
Will the Canadian faithful finally, after 40 years, be released from the sexual desert?  Will the bishops finally repent?  Or will it be more lame excuses, claims of confusion or…as we sometimes hear that it was all just one big…misunderstanding.

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