More Social Justice Clap Trap from Ontario’s Bishops

From a reader…

Catholic churches in my city (Sudbury, ON) are plastered with signs and banners stating “Vote for a poverty-free Ontario”. So glad they made that clear, I was afraid the Church was in favour of poverty!! Seriously, what kind of leadership does this provide? Are there political parties in Ontario that don’t want to reduce poverty? The question is how to do it. I think this is one of the most ridiculous things that the Church has ever been involved in–trying to appear relevant, while being totally irrelevant. Where are the signs that say-“vote for an abortion free Ontario”‘ or “vote for truly Catholic schools in Ontario”? Apparently this campaign is being done with the blessing of the Ontario Catholic Bishops. It is extremely distressing. As far as I am concerned this is a socialist/marxist message–that is the way it will be taken by most people in the pews and in the streets. Thank you!

The most distressing thing about it is that the bishops are completely clueless about the NUMBER ONE way to reduce poverty which, of course, is to strengthen the family.

Today’s “poverty industry” is all about cash transfers and wealth distribution, while refusing to take moral responsibility.  I’m not surprised the Catholic bishops don’t get it.  They’re out to lunch on family and life issues, just as they’re out to lunch on the root of poverty too.  Too much spirit of Vatican II hash still floating around, I suspect.

I invite any Catholic bishop to attend an All-Candidate’s debate featuring “poverty reduction” as the theme for the evening and hosted by these “poverty activists”. If they need an education on the most anti-family, anti-life, and yes, generally anti-Catholic views, let me tell you, without exception, that is the place to be.

And I speak as someone who knows what he’s talking about, being at these events in the past.  You’ve got to experience it to believe it.

With this shameless co-operation with such the socialist propaganda campaign, the bishops might as well have told Catholics to vote for the NDP or the Communist Party of Ontario.

What a disgrace.

2 thoughts on “More Social Justice Clap Trap from Ontario’s Bishops

  1. I bet you won’t have any bishops out to that debate. We had the same stuff here in Nova Scotia. Before the last provincial election, the archdiocesan bulletin had an item on how to vote with a link to the Candidates Against Poverty website, which then had a link to Archbishop Martin Currie’s article. His article claimed that the issue of poverty should be #1 in our voting consideration. No mention of the right to life as stated by the last two popes or in the voting guide issued by the CCCB.

    This was a blatant endorsement of the NDP party which wins hands-down here. No wonder, a have-not province with 25% of the workforce employed by the govt and probably an equal number recipients of govt handouts.

    Socialism is right. And the Church has no business endorsing it.

  2. God bless the reader who sent you that valuable info, John. He/she asks some very pertinent questions.

    Note that the document regarding the election posted on the website of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario does mention the right to life as an important consideration:

    I guess the memo didn’t reach Sudbury.

    Unfortunately, the statement from the Ontario bishops doesn’t place any greater weight on the respect for life than on the other various issues they list.

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