3 thoughts on “Islamatics: More of them + less of us = slavery

  1. I would like permission to use the poster as my avatar. Would this be ok?

    The poster is “One less Cdn to defend our freedoms – Abortion is killing us”

  2. Since when are Darwinian Humanists “us”? Some Humanists and Muslins do change their views when presented with verifiable facts, and are no longer believers in false views. We have to change the “minds” of our citizens even the ones in our churches with love and grace.

  3. In my Social Psychology textbook it says that the white races will be minorities in their own countries by 2080, but they don’t know- why? Where have all the babies gone ? It doesn’t take rocket science to figure this out ? I have studied the BIBLE and I know the answer to this. Imposed darwinism is bad for a society and churches health. Imposed relativism is circular thinking or dumbth the lost art of thinking.

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