More “no evidence” from Mexico

Group Funded by Canadian Bishops’ D&P Joins with Others to Denounce the “Natural Family” and “Family Rights”

Says pro-family legislation is “fundamentalist” and that families are products of social evolution

PUEBLA, MEXICO, July 1, 2009 ( – A Mexican organization that receives tens of thousands of Canadian dollars annually from the Canadian Catholic bishops Development & Peace organization, added its name to the list of organizations and individuals endorsing a statement denouncing the concept of the “natural family” and urging the state of Puebla not to protect family rights in the state’s constitution.

The statement endorsed by the D&P funded group also objects to a proposed amendment to protect the right to life “from the moment of conception.”

The organization, known as “Comaletzin,” has its name included in the endorsements of a statement that was published in March of this year in the Mexican newspaper Cambio, which states that “we subscribe to the broad concept of families that…is contained in the Mexico City Declaration, in which it is determined that families are not part of a natural process, but the ‘product of historical and cultural evolution of distinct societies.'”

“It therefore seems to us to be fundamentalist and doctrinaire to speak of only one model of the family, and based on this concept, of the ‘rights of the family,” to leave out of the Constitution of Puebla all other forms of family organization, such as all of the those that exist in the reality of our state,” the statement continues.

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