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The CCCB is in the final stages of drafting a document that will guide Development and Peace’s activities. It will be released in early 2013. Controversy has buffeted Development and Peace over some of its overseas partners since 2009 allegations that the development agency funded projects operated by groups, or affiliated with groups, that supported abortion.

“There are divergent opinions out there,” Smith said.

Yeah, just like there are divergent opinions on whether religious freedom is really under attack.  It’s all a matter of perspective and definition, after all.

“What did become clear in those conversations is that what I’ve been reading about in the mainstream media is not representative of the broader Development and Peace membership I have seen,” Smith said.

“What I’ve seen confirmed is a real passion for the mission of Development and Peace to help out, to reach out to the poor and to advocate on their behalf. I met a real desire for them to be in communion with the bishops as they do so.”…(Source)

If it was just about the poor, there would be no controversy, but it’s not just about the poor as the recent fallout and disintegration of Development & Peace has shown.  22 employees have left since May 2012, which is a big chunk of their overall staff.  Beaudin likens it to a “coup”.

The good news is that hopey-changey is coming, no matter what spin is put on it or how much Koolaid is served.

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  1. Thanks Bill. It’s very important to have the right vintage of Koolaid, since there’s so much of it going around these days.

    Distinction is everything.

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