Harper’s Touch-Me-Not Canada: Protecting Abortion & Giving Tacit Permission for Infanticide

Hey’s it’s catching on!

Poor girl.

All she had to do is holiday in Canada, and it would have been no problem at all.

It’s all part of Harper’s “no-way-no-how-abortion-debate-in-Canada” policy.

He came to power on the (dismembered) backs of the unborn. Now he’s become paranoid about not debating the issue or even allowing others in his own Party to do so, even to the point that he will permit infanticide to protect abortion and his political career.

This is not the behaviour of a rationale or balanced man.  He’s not normal.  Why are “conservatives” voting for such a politician?  What does it say about their kind of “conservatism”?  If they are not conserving or respecting human life – both inside and outside of the womb – just what exactly are they conserving except their own egos and pensions?

I wonder if Harper and his lapdog lackies would even be marginally disturbed if they were to ever see a dead baby in a Parliamentary trash bin some day as they walked by.  Would they pass over her in cold silence, reminding themselves that political power and “the economy” is the source and summit of their own dignity as human beings? 

Just exactly how will they stand before their Maker on judgement day and excuse this conduct?  It makes you wonder whether they have given up completely on not only themselves, the Good, their country, but their own Eternity as well.

God is not mocked. He will demand an accounting for the trampling of human dignity.  And the price paid will be an eternal one.  There is grace and mercy that God offers everyone, but it doesn’t last forever. 

The politicians need to understand that their decisions (and ours) have eternal consequences.  Life is not a political game or an ego trip.  It consists of more than a cheap political/sexual thrill.

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