More Coverage of The Great Hijack

More coverage of the “great hijack” here.

Some online critics of the wish list complained that it had been “hijacked by special interest groups” and that some groups were “cheating” by mounting campaigns in support of their sites, joining multiple times and encouraging Americans to join.

While critics pointed out that the Wish List results differ significantly from public opinion polls, Wise insisted the format was never intended to be a scientific poll and that to some extent it measured “depth of feeling.” He suggested the exercise demonstrated there are “large pockets of strong feeling” on both sides of the various issues.


Correct. And that is the reason why our numbers will continue to grow and the pro-abort numbers will continue to decline. They keep aborting and we keep popping them out like rabbits. It’s not rocket science, folks. Presumably, we’ve all successfully completed Grade 1 math. So figure it out.

Here’s a little exercise for all the pro-aborts out there. Think of all of your friends in your decadent cause and count how many children they have. Do a simple average. Is it greater than 1? If it is, I would be very surprised indeed since the nation’s average is 1.48 per couple.

Now just think of all us pro-lifers who are getting down to the business of having productive (as opposed to sterile) sex. I have four daughters who will be the face of Canadian feminism in about 10-15 years time. I hope to have many more daughters too who won’t settle for sexual mediocrity, meaningless sex or the exploitation of sexually challenged men through pills, rubbers, and the euphemistic “choice” of abortion.

So as they head into pro-life activism and shape Canada’s new feminism, our pro-abort opponents will be heading into a state run retirement home being barren, bitter, and broken…and very lonely. No children. No husband. And no legacy except being known as the abortion generation. Not something to be particularly proud of.

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