More coverage of liberal priest torpedoed by CCCB over D&P rant

Online battle over D&P prompts CCCB to weigh in

By Deborah Gyapong

Canadian Catholic News

OTTAWA (CCN) — Amid accusations by a Quebec priest that some Canadian bishops “want Development and Peace to die,” the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has issued a statement reaffirming its commitment to “re-energize” the development agency.

The statement followed an interview given by Rev. Claude Lacaille, PME, at Radio Ville Marie’s Proximo website in which he accused Canadian bishops of being “prostrate” and “frightened” by an “Internet mafia” of “fundamentalist” Anglophone Catholics.

His comments were a clear reference to a series of articles on that indicated that Development and Peace (D&P) has partnered with organizations affiliated with pro-choice organizations.

Lacaille said these accusations “are taken seriously by some bishops” who are intent on eliminating D&P, but they should not be allowed to “destroy it.”

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