One thought on “More Coverage of Development and Pieces

  1. Two paragraphs from Archbishop of Ottawa in letter to parishes,
    dated March 25, 2009

    “Recently, concerns have been expressed that some receipients of funding by Development and Peace, the charitable agency of the Canadian Bishops, were involved in promoting abortion services. After study by the bishops who make up the Permanent Council at a meeting in Ottawa last week, ArchbishopV. James Weisgerber, President of the Bishops Conference reassured the faithful that they may in good conscience contribute to the appeal, knowing that fidelity to Catholic teaching guides funding decisions.

    In addition, Development and Peace, through its president Patrick Hogan and Executive Director Michael Casey, reassured Catholic Canadians that it ‘has never supported abortion services’ and willl “never enter into cooperation with any organization offering such services.”

    My comment: Maybe D & P not directly enter into cooperation but (unless things have changed) they get the suport of CIDA that certainly has no shyness about promoting abortion in fact support of abortion is mandatory.

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