More Abortion Violence

Santa Cruz, WA ( – A Seattle-area man is in police custody after allegedly killing his girlfriend and their infant daughter after the woman refused his request to get an abortion. Daniel Thomas Hicks is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the death of 28-year-old Jennifer “J” Morgan and 13-month-old Ema Morgan.

The Seattle Times indicates the trio hailed from Santa Cruz, a town on the Washington state coast west of Seattle.

Hicks was charged on Thursday after he was apprehended following the discovery of the bodies by Morgan’s mother and cooperation with other relatives who aided them in locating Hicks.

The Times indicates Hicks was diagnosed as depressed and suicidal for some time after having lost his job and that the condition worsened when he learned Morgan was pregnant.

Legal papers the Times obtained say Hicks wanted Morgan to have an abortion and claimed she “was just trying to trap him with the pregnancy.” They say Hicks made several threats about killing Morgan and himself.

The documents indicate that Hicks was upset after the birth of the baby because he was disappointed Ema was a girl and not a boy.

The papers also say he “became very jealous and suspicious of Jennifer,” and questioned whether he was in fact the baby’s biological father.

Morgan, the newspaper indicated, had planned to tell Hicks last week while her mother was at work that he needed to move out of their home. When Morgan’s mother returned home late that evening, she was glad to see Hicks’ truck gone and assume he had left.

She assumed Morgan and Ema were sleeping and, when she went downstairs the next morning, she discovered they had been shot and killed.

Hicks left a note apologizing and the police paperwork indicated Hick’s father shot and killed his mother when he was young.

Although Morgan did not have an abortion, incidents of mothers facing pressure and coercion to have an abortion by their husband or boyfriend are commonplace. Surveys of women who have had abortions indicate as many as 60 percent have said they faced pressure from a partner, family, or employer.

But ‘ya know…it’s all about a woman’s right to choooooooose.  Isn’t abortion great? 

Feminists are such suckers to their male conquistidors.  Just slap on some liberating sounding jingle and they’ll dance to whatever tune we play.  “Honey, you know it’s your right.  It’s a duty and an obligation to go through with an abortion. You owe it to your gender’s emancipation!”

One thought on “More Abortion Violence

  1. In the guise of separation of Church and State the humanists that are in charge of our law schools, and universities have taken Christianity and Christ out of Western Civilization. They have taken the true God and His total Lordship in all of life out of our culture and replaced it with the gods of The Communist and Humanist Manifesto. The west is a part of Pagandom as a way of life that is taught in our schools by government decree. The citizens can change this if they want to. Who do you vote for? In a democracy the people determine our views on the value and dignity of people, the base for the kind of life the individual and society lives, the direction law and government will take or whether there will be freedom or a form of authoritarian government.

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