Moral schizophreniacs

This article is typical of the MSM’s crap.  Note the headline: “Catholic MPs stand ground on abortion despite threat“.  What threat is that, Mr. Butler?  Informing politicians that holding to baby murder is not a very Catholic thing to do and there will be consequences?  Is that what you call a threat?  Under that rubric, no one should warn people not to break the law because, you know, that could be considered a “threat” too!

As far as the substance of the article is concerned, I’m not surprised at the reaction of the politicians.  They seem to have no clue what freedom of association really means. That’s why they blather on about how a bishop should keep his nose out of politics. 

The truth is that no citizen should keep their nose out politics.  It is everyone’s business to keep their nose in politics.  The politicians don’t like religious leaders, of course, because they have some influence that competes with their own, and in Canada today, there can only be one group holding the power and that’s the politicians.  But one thing is for sure: until the politicians learn that separation of church and state is a two-way street, they are just pissing against a headwind.  It is not difficult to understand that a leader of an association has the right to regulate his membership the way he sees fit.  Instead of yelping at a bishop for doing his job, the liberal fools who run this country should instead have a chat with their colleagues about their hypocrisy and moral schizophrenia.

The modern day “Catholic” politician needs to understand that he is not two persons but one. He cannot and should not separate his private beliefs from his public ones.  We know the Left would never do that.  Have you ever heard of a member of the NDP saying “personally I am pro-choice, but I support restrictions on abortion because it is a good public policy“?  No?  Me neither.  Like the politicians who whine about a Catholic leader actually raising his voice, it’s always a self-serving, one-way street for the Volvo crowd.  And the laughable thing about it is they don’t even see their duplicity.  You know the saying, “sin makes you stupid.”

The role of a Catholic politician is to stand for what the Church teaches in matters that touch upon the common good, and then let the electorate decide themselves whether they will accept his representation.  That is the moral and honest approach to participation in a democratic system.  The reason we are so disappointed with politicians today – if we get down to the bare bones of it – is that they are not really willing to stand up for what their conscience tells them is right.  What quality of politician are we getting when we vote for people like that?  I’ll tell you:  politicians we deserve because in essence they represent what the culture and its citizens are.

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