Moral Equivalence for Idiots

In concluding he drew a contrast between life and one of the many issues Cupich had presented as equivalent. “Joblessness? I’ve been unemployed. I’d like to think that upon reading this, you feel a pang of sympathy,” Lawler stated. “But if you would be ‘no less appalled’ to learn that I had been chopped into pieces, and the parts sold to the highest bidder, I’m afraid I can’t count you as my friend.” (Source)

The sad reality here is that a large number of bishops have not only failed us, they have failed rudimentary logic as well.  To equate abortion with joblessness in moral evil is beyond comprehension and stupidity.  The fact that one bishop has to publicly correct another on this simple truth tells you all that you need to know of the sickness that permeates the Catholic Church today.

One thought on “Moral Equivalence for Idiots

  1. Not only The Secular Catholic Bishops,but also the leaders of the Secular Protestant cults.These don’t seem to get that Secular Christian is an oxymoron.

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