Moral Culpability

Mr. Levant buttressed his criticism of the process by videotaping the hearing and uploading excerpts to his blog and to, starting late Friday evening. The eight video excerpts have garnered about 330,000 hits as of late last night.

“My lawyer and I insisted that we be permitted to record the interrogation, for use when we appeal the commission’s decision to a real court,” Mr. Levant wrote on his blog. “The officer allowed the video camera, but asked that we keep the recording confidential.”

The Alberta Human Rights Commission would not discuss the Levant hearing with journalists.

Marie Riddle, the commission’s director, did not return phone calls from The Times. (The Washington Times)

You know, if you look back on the war crimes perpetrated by the heinous thugs during the last century, you will note that once the dust settled, they were not permitted to use “the law” or some “authority” to exonerate themselves from the crimes they committed.  That was true at Nuremberg and many other subsequent war crime cases.  “I was operating under the instructions of the State…” simply did not cut it then and it does not cut it now.

Something so heinous as the thought and speech police in this country who are causing its victims sufficient cruel and unusual punishment should indeed have some consequences attached to them.

Once the HRCs go down, we should be looking at the individuals who participated in these witch-hunts and, in particular, those who levied fines and sanctions.  I do not see why they should be allowed to walk with impunity.  They freely and gleefully applied their jackboot on good and honourable citizens of this country for doing nothing more than exercising their inalienable rights as free men and women. It is only just and proper therefore that the same jackboot that they wore should be removed from their feet and placed on their victims for some REAL restitution.

Maybe if we start talking like this and there is enough public backlash to these fascists, they’ll think twice about hauling people before their kangaroo kourts and fining free speech knowing what the future may hold for them.

After all, kangaroos are notoriously fickle creatures.

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