Monty Python Material

You actually have to see it to believe it. From the horse’s mouth itself. We won’t tell you what part of the horse it’s from.

Must I pay to file a complaint with the Commission?

Filing a complaint is free of charge, and complainants do not need a lawyer to file a complaint with the Commission. However, complainants and respondents can choose to be represented by a lawyer at any time during the complaint process. If the parties involved in a complaint choose to hire a lawyer, the costs will not be covered by the Commission, as it does not provide funding for private legal representation.

Translation: Complainants need not incur one red cent. Defendants are almost obligated to in order to mount a proper defense.

Should I worry about retaliation if I file a complaint or testify in support of someone who files?

No. It is a criminal offence for anyone to threaten, intimidate or discriminate against a person who complains, gives evidence or helps with a complaint. The Canadian Human Rights Act provides for fines of up to $50,000 for threatening, intimidating or discriminating against an individual who has filed a complaint, or for hampering an investigation. The Commission can also investigate and deal with complaints of retaliation against persons who file a complaint.

Translation: We will protect our phoney baloney Commission by making sure cooler heads do not prevail among the parties.

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