Monkey See Monkey Do

Ask yourself this question. What would happen, do you think, to a man who admitted to leaving a newborn infant head down in a toilet?

Is there really any doubt? Such a monster — and that’s what he’d be called — would be charged immediately with attempted murder.

If he were an adult, his name would be released and he would more than likely be paraded in front of the media so we could all get a really good look at “the kind of person who could do such a thing.”

Contrast that reality with what has happened to the woman who gave birth to a baby boy in a Wal-Mart washroom in Prince Albert, Sask., on May 21 and it’s clear that when it comes to equality before the law, women tend to get off easy in comparison to men.

The baby boy was found, not breathing head down in a bloody toilet bowl by the store manager, who managed to resuscitate the boy by performing CPR until paramedics arrived.

Because of moronic privacy laws in Saskatchewan, the communications people at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, to where Baby John Doe was transferred, can’t even release the medical condition of the newborn, though police said yesterday the baby was released to children’s services.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the baby has suffered some brain and lung damage, thanks to his first breaths being toilet water rather than air.


And this is surprising? Oh come now. Let’s not get too uptight.

The indictment does not fall against this woman. She’s just acting out what society says is fine. The only thing she slipped up on was the location. If she simply had the foresight to do her deed in Everywoman’s Clinic instead of Walmart, everybody would have been just groovy with it.

One thought on “Monkey See Monkey Do

  1. wow what an interesting story, but the fack that she accually gave birth to a baby in a wal-mart bathroom and then just left this baby there is a crazy thing to do… to think that if anyone gave birth in a bathroom and just leaves the baby there, that person is sick and needs some help.

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