Money Talks in the Abortion Wars

GERMANTOWN, MD, January 25, 2011 ( – On the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, Kim Nichols, a former worker at an abortion facility, was the first to receive pro-life group Operation Rescue’s Whistleblower Reward of $25,000. The reward is awarded to individuals that disclose information leading to the arrest and conviction of abortionists breaking the law. Nichols had stepped forward to expose abortionist Rapin Osathanodh’s role in the death of one of his clients, Laura Hope Smith. Operation Rescue’s (OR) Whistleblower Reward, announced by the organization last January, encourages abortion facility workers, former patients, and anyone with knowledge of crimes committed in abortion clinics to come forward. The group says the reward money is not only to persuade people to report, but to help compensate those who speak out, who often lose their jobs or are hit with lawsuits as a result of the crimes they reveal…read the rest here.

I’ve always believed we should throw everything at them, including the kitchen sink, and hope something sticks. 

This is a great idea, and it’s high time we started to play this game with a little bit of grit and edge.

You know what I think?  I think abortion is going down. And I also think Banned Parenthood and the Poor Choicers know it, too.

Tock. Tick.

We’re winding back the clock. 

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