Modernism and the new goodism

Modernism threatens the Church like no other heresy because modernism refuses to argue the Church’s doctrines openly and directly.  Instead, modernism attempts to sap the Church of its relevance.   Rather than attack the doctrines of God openly like previous heresies, modernism simply distracts the modern man by offering the allure of materialism. For example, instead of flatly denying the existence of God with philosophical arguments, moderns learn to embrace agnosticism by asserting that religion is not as important as other things in life like patriotism or “making a better world for our children.”  (Source)

When you just can’t put your finger on the foundation of movements like Free the Children, it all comes into focus when you remember what modernism really is.  Without Christ at the Center and focus of all our corporal acts of mercy, the social justice movements just become an exercise in philanthropy (which is fine in and of itself but that is NOT what the Catholic Church or its Mission is about)….and when you throw in family planning and promoting abortion…it becomes diabolical.

The devil is no dummy.  He knows how to mix water and wine.

2 thoughts on “Modernism and the new goodism

  1. This thinking must be the same for the prolife movement too. It has to be Christocentric. The only way to understand that abortion is wrong is through the eyes of the Pascal Mystery.

  2. Abortion is the cold blooded murder of a human being. If The Ten Commandments are the natural law,then everyone naturally knows this. The consciences of young people are seared by the imposed Secular Morality of Kinsey Sex Education. Not that long ago children started the school day with The Lord’s Prayer. Now all sorts of legalized unhealthy behavior is normalize,by adult teachers and their activist friends to innocent youngsters as human rights, and social justices.

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