3 thoughts on “Mikhail Gorbachev admits he is a Christian

  1. Last I heard, Gorbachev was founder and leader of “Green Cross”, an outfit dedicated to the promotion of one world government and all that entails through environmentalism. Not exactly compatible with Catholic faith.

  2. Catholic Dr.Walter Szetella was an educator with tenure “in” a secular university. In 2005 The House Of Commons did not raise the age of sex consent in Canada, and left it at 14. That same December 22, three days before Christmas The Supreme Court Of Canada declared consenting 14 year old’s as adults. The Canadian Human Rights Act now regarded this legalized activity a human right and social justice, thus making Canada a legal destination for sex trafficking predators, and pedophiles. Think for a moment; “what kind of society legalizes this?”
    I mentioned tenure in my opening statement, because Secularists fire righteous educators without it in The West. Walter and his friends with tenure in secular education establishments; were so upset with our MP’s, and Courts that they politically united with agnostics across our Canada,and then forced The House Of Commons in 2008 to pass a Bill into Law in 2008 raising the age of sex consent. This is what democracy is meant to be. The Western Nations are Politically Corrupt, because the majority of their citizens are politically apathetic and indifferent. Please wake up and take charge of your democracy. Your children are depending on you to do so, as more evil laws are being passed and becoming so-called human rights and social justices.

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