Michael Coren on why the Left turns an indifferent eye to persecution of Christians by Muslims

This is an insightful piece by Michael Coren.  I think he puts his finger on the precise reason why lefties, who usually get worked up about “human rights violations”, can’t seem to get passionate about the regular mauling of Christians by Muslims:

To criticize an Arab government, to condemn the actions of Muslims, to side with suffering Christians, is seen as playing into the hands of the United States and Israel. It’s a distorted and disturbed logic, but it’s extraordinarily influential. Added to this is the neurotic smugness of a post-Christian society that sees Christianity as the religion of mum and dad, power elites and conservatives. Such people cannot, in the eyes of the typical secular and radicalized North American, be victims. It simply doesn’t fit.

If you want to know the true state of the soul of our society, consider how people get enraged at a professional football player mistreating dogs, but yawn at the news of hundreds of Christians being blown to shreds by Muslims. What does that reveal about the inner thoughts of these so-called progressives? It tells me that they suffer from “selective sympathy”, i.e. they only care for things they like. This might be a natural human inclination, but it doesn’t jive with their “official” stance progressive stance on human rights.

2 thoughts on “Michael Coren on why the Left turns an indifferent eye to persecution of Christians by Muslims

  1. Who is to blame for this Politically Correct Relativism? Professor John Dewey the Father of Western education wrote a book about his god titled,” A Common Faith” in 1934. Ann Coulter answered it with her book, ” GODLESS ” in 2006. The Fathers of Western Education orchestrated our paradigm shift through our education establishments, and thus society from Christianity to Secular Paganism. They did this in open view, and when our professor’s tried to organize real Christians when the majority of our citizens said they were Christians too few so called Bishops and Pastors listened to them. Most Nicolaitans the false Christians believed as the secular pagans did that there ought to be a sacredsecular pagan divide in our culture. When Christianity is taken out of education and Law only Secular Paganism remains with it’s Politically Correct Relativism.

  2. Very good reporting on Islam by Michael Coren in The National Post. After studying the Koran and Hadith in context one can point out that Muslims are told to kill non-Muslims even when they are Arabs. Politically Correct Relativism was known as non-sense before our orchestrated paradigm shift in Western Civilization. Professor Tom Landers taught how to prove the truth. What has Politically Correct Relativism done to the minds of most of our society?

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