Michael Coren is off the reservation

 I believe personal morality should be framed by the individual, and while I agree passionately with marital fidelity I would not want to be part of a college that tried to impose such an idea from above. (Source)

This comment, along with many others, prove that Coren no longer has much of any kind of credibility as a Catholic.  He has effectively personalized morality to individual tastes and refused to accept the idea that we are not only accountable to ourselves, but also to the larger Christian community and ultimately to God.

And to claim that Gays have to “forever refrain from sex” is some kind of boogeyman and totally unrealistic, Coren is dismissing the sacrifices of many people who choose to be chaste their whole lives in accordance with what Jesus taught – whether single, religious, or clerical.


4 thoughts on “Michael Coren is off the reservation

  1. Sad, he could have been such a force for good in the secular media. Now he is just another lukewarm politically correct Catholic. I’ll keep him in my prayers.

  2. I was thinking the other day that within a couple years, I wouldn’t be surprised if he became an Anglican.

  3. This is the argument of Religious Secularists: Some Kindergarteners may be born naturally homosexual, therefore legalized sodomy ought to be normalized to nurture all impressionable Kindergarteners, as a human right. Now legal clubs are formed by adult educators and their homosexual activist friends to recruit innocent children, as human rights and social justices. What kind of politically apathetic and indifferent society allows this? Be careful what you allow the politicians you elect to rule you, and your children legalize, as The Human Rights Act normalizes legal behaviors. I have spoken with many clergy too,and found most of these politically A W O L . All sorts of evil has been legalized throughout history, by the idea of what is legal is moral. When Secularists say they are neutral they are being dishonest, as they impose their morality an everyone as legalized human rights starting with Kindergarteners. Political apathy and indifference is the same as surrender. Canada was a Christian Country in Government, Law and Education not long ago. I used to start school with The Lord’s Prayer, because my parents and grandparents kept politically active to keep it that way. Now perversion is normalized to schoolchildren by adults as human rights. Time to think on this, and get politically organized.

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