Michael Coren can no longer be considered a reliable source of Catholic opinion (sadly)

Folks, I have just had a Facebook discussion with Michael Coren on his descent into supporting gay civil unions and even worse.  He’s a very confused man, and won’t answer some basic questions.  He got tired of me insisting that he tell me what his position was on Humanae Vitae and finally “unfriended” me, claiming I was “angry” and in “darkness” (like he has done with virtually all his opponents on this issue).  

Please pray for Michael.  I think there is more here in his dramatic shift than first meets the eye.  These sorts of shifts normally happen because of guilt and love of a personal family member or close friend.  Michael deserves our love and prayers for the situation he finds himself in.  For these sorts of predicaments, sometimes it’s better just to keep your mouth shut on the issue and pray, thereby not exacerbating a strained relationship but also not giving public scandal and leading others astray. 

Here is the Facebook thread in question.  Note: I’ve noticed that Michael has started deleting at least one of his responses on the thread.  Please be aware of that when you are reading it if something doesn’t quite follow.

I was unable to post my final comment. Here it is here:

Well, Michael, I am sorry for you and how you have digressed and have fallen away from sound doctrine. I hope that is not the case, but that is the impression that you are leaving here. I entered this little chat because I care about you and those who are influenced by you. This is not about you and me. The fact that I will accept correction from the Fathers in the Faith and you will not (because you know that you will indeed be contradicted and corrected if you did) is a witness against you, and I call that as a witness to anyone reading this thread as to the soundness of your Catholic witness. People who disagree with you, including myself, are not necessarily angry and in darkness. I think you have been hanging around with our opponents a bit too long and have adopted their lingo. It’s obviously bewitched you and you have fallen for the victimology that they employ to bully their way into brainwashing the culture and our children into their destructive way of life. Like I said, it is you who have a major problem with what the Faith teaches.

1) You won’t accept correction from your Spiritual Fathers


2) You won’t answer my challenge on Humanae Vitae.

I think that basically settles the point I was trying to make. You are not showing Catholic sensibilities on true, Godly obedience, nor are you willing to broach the subject of opposing contraception while supporting sodomy. If you want to talk about darkness, Michael, you need to open a window yourself and accept EVERYTHING the Church teaches and not just those teachings that stroke your fancy.

15 thoughts on “Michael Coren can no longer be considered a reliable source of Catholic opinion (sadly)

  1. I bought his books and promoted them. Now ,He calls anyone who defends the catholic view on homosexuality angry ? What does he call the chapter in the catechism of the catholic church ? Angry ?
    He then has no problem publicly condemning a man to hell and ask how he likes it down there. He is the angry one !

  2. I found his show the other night confusing. He was talking to a young man about the turn-about of World Vision on employing people in gay unions. Michael seemed to say that WV had shut down the conversation and he thought this was a conversation we needed to have. I wondered if he was waffling on the RC position on homosexuality.

    • I think his conversion has something to do with someone close to him. Rarely are these things not influenced from someone close to home.

  3. You’re probably right, John. If he had some argument to justify his position he would have undoubtedly raised it. Instead he only focused on the tone of your comments and not the substance. That surprises me. I’ve always perceived him to be full of substance.

    I’ll pray for him.

  4. My alarm first went off when Michael Coren dressed down pastor Joe Boot on air for his use of the word sodomite to describe homosexuals. My concerns grew after watching Michael’s recent interview with openly homosexual philosophy professor John Corvino who, along with Father Paul Nicholson, were interview on WJBK TV on a similar topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVVZn8JYVME Perhaps its time for Michael to invite Father Paul on his show to teach the Catholic position on homosexual acts.

    P.S. Have I missed too many of Michael’s show or is he not having as many priest as guests these days?

  5. Here is a exchange he had with someone on his FB page. VERY interesting:

    Michael Coren: Cesar, what would you say to one of your children if they told you they were gay?
    March 22 at 10:02am · Like · 5

    Brian Rushfeldt: what should one say – the same thing . it is an unnatural behavior and the sex acts IF acted upon are not normal , nor healthy – that would be the loving response to one of my children – because I do care.
    March 22 at 10:17am · Like · 4

    Michael Coren: Dad of the year Brian, dad of the year.
    March 22 at 10:19am · Like · 2

  6. Thanks for posting Jim. Reading the exchange between Michael Coren and Brian Rushfeldt is reassuring. Hopefully Michael will make his position a little more clear because as it stands now some people aren’t quite sure if Michael still holds to Catholic teaching, including me. Until he is more clear I’ll view with caution.

  7. SMC: Coren’s comment was sarcastic.. the rest of the conversation proves that.. sorry I didn’t copy it all to be able to paste it and I can’t find it now.

    So, don’t be too re-assured!

  8. In one article: ( http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/bishop-lacey-michael-coren-speak-out-on-ontario-equity-strategy) he defends Catholic teaching. Did he decide against it & go the cafeteria route? Clarity is needed from Coren.
    In a country with constitutional guarantee of Catholic education, clarity on the subject is needed from our bishops. In the land of the Winnipeg Statement, do faithful Catholics have hope of courageous, faithful sons of the Church defending the Bride & guarding the little lambs?

  9. One would imagine that Mr. Coren still has a ready and made to order audience as he holds forth on Sun News. It is apparently that he no longer toes the line when it comes to proclaiming the Good News.

  10. Look at Ann Coulter who suddenly found gay ‘conservative’ (fiscal friends I take it). She too lashed out in her case against Joseph Farah WND. who still posts her columns despite her vindictivness but Joseph refuses to agree with her.

    Gay friends pop up all over the place the greater a celebrity one becomes.

    I suppose they’re all happy Elton John was granted to baby boys also

    Maybe they need to get new friends like the molested boys who are haunted with depression and thoughts of sucide… not just preturbed that they can’t marry males…oh the humanity

  11. I totally agree. Michael needs our prayer. I started the hashtag #pray4coren if you want to use them freely.


  12. Thank you SMC for the link to the Father Paul interview. I hadn’t seen it before and really enjoyed it. I started noticing Michael Coren making unusual comments a few months back when he was criticizing Bill Whatcott and his motives. It appeared to me Michael was judging Bill’s heart and I found his intolerance for Bill to be a little disturbing. Bill was a registered nurse who spent years in the homosexual district of T.O. watching too many homosexuals die of aids. This is where his zeal comes from. Nonetheless, it is clear Michael needs our prayers and I’m relieved I’m not the only one who was finding his recent comments to be confusing and disconcerting.

  13. Funny, the guy a noted intellectual who claimed to know his faith, went from holding a biblically supported view on one of the most divisive moral issues of the time to holding the contrary view for which there is no biblical support. To support his current view, all he does is throw out vague references to love and inclusiveness. This coupled with the fact that he’s changed his religious point of view now several times means that his credibility may have fallen into disrepute. Certainly he’s now the darling of the political left in that he can be counted on to counter those of us who hold firmly to the words of the scripture by arguing that the scriptures can somehow be discounted, if not saying so indirectly. The problem with this is that Coren’s new position at least on homosexuality is not only unsupported buy the church, it runs counter the what the bible says on the matter. IOWs he’d get destroyed in a debate or even a simple dialogue with someone of the faith or even not who knows better. I believe he knows this which is why aside from the odd one on one interview with the CBC and other friendly forums, he doesn’t dare take on too many opponents as he once did when his view point was scripturally sound.

    IAE, I’m praying for Michael and hope that he sees the light and reverses his current position. After all it isn’t as though he hasn’t done so before.

  14. Frankly I never was impressed with Michael Coren as I noticed how he would not
    ever quote anything from the Bible on his TV programs and did not like having
    to discuss theology with those who disagreed with him. I found him very childish
    in his constant name calling as a substitute for solid arguments. When it comes to the issue of homosexuality, the Bible condemns it just as it does adultery and
    fornication. When one desires to be a Christian, he/she must not only come to
    believe that salvation is found only by faith n the Lord Jesus Christ but also to
    show love for Christ by keeping his commandments. A New Testament Christian
    is to not practice sinful lifestyles like homosexuality or fornication and must reject
    them. Paul said that very thing in 1 Corinthians 6:8-9. We must pray for gays and
    lesbians to come out of their lifestyle and repent and come to believe in Christ as
    their only Lord and Saviour (Acts 4:12).

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