Mexico’s pro-lifers saving tens of thousands of unborn children each year

This is beautiful and inspiring!

MEXICO CITY, June 17, 2011 ( – Mexico’s largest pro-life organization, the National Pro-Life Committee (Comité Nacional Provida), saves thousands of unborn children every year, thanks to an impressive operation that includes mobile units equipped with ultrasound equipment, an internet outreach program, and walk-in facilities in all the major cities of the country.

In 2010, throughout Mexico, the National Pro-Life Committee’s operations saved 21,000 children from destruction at the hands of abortionists, who now enjoy the freedom to kill the unborn in Mexico City up to the 12th week of pregnancy. Since the Committee’s inception, over 149,000 children have been saved from abortion.


The units, most of which are vans or large trucks, contain up to three rooms with ultrasound equipment capable of giving the women a three-dimensional image of the child in their womb, as well as televisions used for showing educational films. In Mexico City an estimated 40% of those who see the images decide to accept the Committee’s help to give birth to their children.  Nationwide, that percentage rises to 60%.


Serrano told LifeSiteNews that most women begin to cry after seeing an image of their unborn children, but say that they cannot afford the costs associated with parenting.  They are then informed that the Committee, in conjunction with other organizations, is prepared to care for them during their pregnancy, offering food and shelter, medical and childbirth services, and employment opportunities. (Source)

This is amazing. Praise be to God!

But this raises a troubling question: how is it possible that a considerably poorer country like Mexico can fund such well-equipped pro-life activities while Canadian pro-life groups starve in comparison? John and I have both served on the board of directors of a pro-life charity. We know how the finances work. Pro-life groups have to scrape by on a shoe-string budget because money is so tight.

What’s going on, people? Why aren’t you giving more to pro-life causes? Why aren’t Christians in general giving more money to pro-life groups?

One obvious reason is that many Christians aren’t really Christian. When you see what’s happening at Development and Peace, it becomes patently clear that many “Christians” are unperturbed by the status quo on abortion in our country, if not actively pro-abortion.

But still, I’m convinced that there’s enough pro-life money in this country to do some real damage. How can we harness it? What’s it gonna take?

Could the Canadian bishops hold one collection per year for pro-life activities? Why not? It would raise millions, enough to set up a few trucks like in Mexico.

But seeing that the bishops have their hands full with D&P, we’ll have to figure out another way.


One thought on “Mexico’s pro-lifers saving tens of thousands of unborn children each year

  1. I have often wondered why we can’t have ultrasound trucks driving around the abortion clinics and hospitals here in Canada. One conclusion I have come to, besides the one you mention about us being such cheap-skates, is that we would be crossed at every road by the government. Can’t you just see the obstacles to setting up an independent service for ultrasound – they would step in with their rules and regulations and tie us up in litigation forever. Any way around this problem with our health care system?
    I can envision these vehicles driving around high schools, with a sign on the outside Pregnant? Need help? because that is who needs it desperately, the mid teens. Someplace to go and get advice right when they need it, advice that comes to them.

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