Mexican Cathedral Closed because of Leftists Thugs

Mexico City, Nov. 20, 2007 ( – Church officials in Mexico City closed the archdiocesan cathedral, citing security fears, after Sunday services were disrupted by leftist demonstrators. Hugo Valdemar Romero, the spokesman for the Mexico City archdiocese, told the media that the protest on November 18– which had caused violent confrontations between the demonstrators and parishioners– was the latest in 24 incidents that have occurred at the cathedral in the past year.

The confrontations began after Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador lost his bid for the Mexico presidency in 2006 elections. His supporters claim that the balloting was unfair, and charge that Cardinal Norberto Rivera of Mexico City interfered in secular political affairs to favor another candidate, Felipe Calderon, who emerged victorious.

In Mexico City itself, the cardinal has often been at odds with a leftist government headed by Mayor Marcelo Ebrard. In the latest sign of that tension, the mayor charged that Church officials have no right to close the cathedral, since the building is designated as a national monument. He called the move an “act of intolerance” on the part of Catholic leaders.

However, Mayor Ebrard promised to assign extra security forces to prevent renewed disruption at the cathedral. Cardinal Rivera, after meeting with city officials, said that he would re-open the cathedral as soon as he received assurances that “profane” demonstrations would be stopped. (Source)

So let me get this straight. Leftist mayor opposes Cardinal and the Catholic Church; gets upset that Cardinal closes down the Cathedral because Mayor’s leftist buddy-thugs refuse to be civilized.  That’s rich. 

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